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  1. Hi.  What do you think of Robert Felix as I feel something is off with him as he seems to cherry pick a lot while other times hits the nail on the head when he gets into science mode.  When he is in 'news' mode he tends to get like what he accuses of the left of making his statements null.

    However I agree with his underwater volcano stuff and we have a LOT of that in the Pacific and our Pacific has been stuck in a + warming which if we are having uncharted eruptions we won't be able to see it from the air but it will produce warming. Not one volcano by itself but enough will and if it's a  continuing saga. 

  2. Link

    What's with DJ Dropping's obsession with seeing all these 'cold air patterns' that wind up not only never materializing but so far out there in the forecast it's loony to even bet on it yet he makes it sound like OMG Bling video game reaction videos! Which are more interesting then models pulling the rug since they are well.......models. 

  3. Thanks for not downvoting me for asking about fall colours.

  4. How similar is your climate to Aumsville/Stayton area probably?

    1. Omegaraptor


      My area is on the west side of the Willamette Valley, while Aumsville and Stayton are on the east side. Your area might get more rain in NW flow than mine. How much rain did you get in May?

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