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  1. So are you guys sure this isn't an El Nino as it's behaving like one.
  2. There we go again! Day ten and the Garbage Forecasting System. I'd bet my bank on the Euro instead of wish casting. The amount of 10 day'ers we should've had a LOT more cold then we have had.
  3. I've been to the Benches and they get twice as much snow as the airport down by the lake. What do you mean by migrating up there what would they do and where did they go? Also how's Grand Junction against long foggy episodes?
  4. Also which winter effected schools the most for your area? For us 1998 was a dry but cold winter in Silverton but we got more snow in 1999 thru 2000 but not much cold. I think mid to late January we had a sloppy 2 inch event where we closed school for a day maybe 2 days even? I just remember being surprised at people's reactions to how easily schools closed and Salem only had a 2 hour delay. Which schools do you recall tending to be tougher or whimpy when closing/delays are called out and how much snow do you remember in 1999 thru 2000?
  5. Our grass has been growing pretty moderate too and it's past time to mow. It just wont' stop.
  6. Funny thing is rural schools even in the midwest tend to shut down or delay for the stupidest things which will be the few schools that show up on the list as closed while town schools stay open. In fact in the old days they would always close while city schools worked hard staying open which it seemed if too many kids sneezed rural schools would shut!
  7. Was there suppose to be any east winds? Isn't a weak weather system coming tomorrow?
  8. Why do schools out there delay or outright for the slightest patch of snow? I can't help but wonder if the bus driver's over there troll during their 4am road tests and purposely find that patch in the rural neighborhood and jiggle the wheel or do something stupid to claim "It's dangerous for kids!"
  9. Every time it's been clear here we immediately sink to below freezing.
  10. I wouldn't exactly call 1999 a bust more like 1998-1999 was a bust with a promise of a blockbuster Xmas snow event which never even came close to fruition. All we got that winterw as moderate cold it got down to around 10F in Silverton. 1999-2000 we had a 2 inch snow event that caused school to close in January of 2000. NWS Now Data Salem Oregon has data on it though Silverton had a bit more. I think Salem only had a 2 hour delay and it was mostly the south and west hills of Salem that got anything good out of it.
  11. You should've been there in the 90s. There was a LOT more shrubbery to the point you could NOT see the gift shop or any other facilities until you were upon them and you couldn't really tell where the heck you were in the park at any given point unless you were good at mental mapping. I thought things were farther apart then they actually are as in the 2000s the fire marshal ordered a bunch of crap cleared out unfortunately ruining that feeling though in this case I think it might have helped saved the park last September which is what they were worried about way back then.
  12. Do you want fries with that? Too bad! We only sell Burgers go to Salty Joes!
  13. How fast does she go down the line if you maximize your coal usage and gradients.etc?
  14. While we can never hope to compare ourselves to Tule fog have we ever had worse periods then current 2000s decade for long foggy period and is it linked to increase of particles or is there other factors?
  15. This is the most El Nino La Ninia I've EVER seen! Do you think this will be 1982/83? Was that a good mountain snowpack year with all those storms or too warm? What was the atmospheric driver behind all that BS?
  16. Link

    What's with DJ Dropping's obsession with seeing all these 'cold air patterns' that wind up not only never materializing but so far out there in the forecast it's loony to even bet on it yet he makes it sound like OMG Bling video game reaction videos! Which are more interesting then models pulling the rug since they are well.......models. 

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