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  1. How about an extended vacation IE: Staying there permanently or own a second home but prepare for serious water wars in the near future and plan accordingly so you won't be 'one of those' people. . More to do with bad water management and to some degree the new climate era.
  2. Couldn't agree more but (we) nothing exists south of Portland. Remember that!
  3. They keep changing the 'science' as much as you change socks and dirty underwear. A good crisis never goes to waste..............
  4. That blue stuff sort of looks like that weird horse God in Breath of the Wild that revives your dead horse if it's not your fault. (He'll still revive it anyways but a lot higher cost) Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to revive a dead horse - Polygon
  5. I didn't say you were. I said if you or I mention our areas being losers they lose their four letter word and think we are trying to downplay it instead of accepting that things were very VERY marginalized regardless who got the most or least amounts. It quickly goes the R/Politics route.
  6. So La Nina's are usually good for you too? What's weird though it's taboo to say anything like that as it makes other forum members lose their (four letter word) and stuff thinking your downplaying the whole winter. Then it becomes like a Reddit circle jerk. If you've been there you'll know what I mean. Why is the S word censored on here?
  7. Remember. Just because Team Portland got buried doesn't mean the rest of us did and we didn't. Portland as strange as it seems is not all of Orgon despite what the media and voting patterns try to paint. Early November is STILL my coldest of the year we haven't yet beat and for a La Nina that's pretty sad. Being on the south edge of the ice storm was the only thing that made it up. Literally just south of us a few miles was totally clear of us even though we lost power for 4 days.
  8. We had 2 inches in Silverton earning us a snow day as I previously said which is weird cause it all fell on a Sunday.
  9. Done that a few times. Not as exciting though but love it better as it's not as crowded as long as it's in the low to mid 50s I'm alright with it.
  10. What configuration(s) needs that to happen here? I've never had an answer for that.
  11. Northern Britian has some pretty impressive lows down in the mid 30s during the height of summer if you poke around various British weather forums (cough) net weather (cough). It doesn't take much of a buckle to get some pretty chilly low mins for them even during July.
  12. There's a new 'bug'? Where each time you reply to a new page it gets stuck on whatever your previous quote is and it's a pain in the you know what to clear it. There is a way I discovered to reset it but it's rather hidden. Anyways when will we get some tricycle/adult scooter,walking weather? I haven't yet been able to use my scooter though I've done several 2 mile walks finally so have gotten in some shape on those sort of nice days we've had. We hit 64F a few times so came close to scooter weather but wanted to get in shape. Now I'm ready. Cmon mother nature! Just give me a few.
  13. Why are they just JPG images? Where's the address?
  14. It's gone up to 40F and definitely noticeable. Was this forecasted? It was heading to freezing around midnight. Is there a warm front?
  15. If Rob were still around he'd wet his pants and almost have a stroke at how close we are to a legit artic airmass. I hope he's okay with his health issues and not banned for wrong think or something equally silly.
  16. This has been for the most part the usual 'Winter is just 7 days away' game. We were at the edge of all that ice and snow you guys all had. Further south didn't even get it.
  17. Why aren't we getting any of this cold crap our way? What went wrong here?
  18. What years do you know of that have the weakest Bermuda Highs for summer time? Does it effect anything?
  19. This kind of climate talk reminds me of City Data Forums back when it used to be good. You'd get topics like this: The truth about the sun in Bend... (Portland, Eugene: how much, camper) - Oregon (OR) -Deschutes County - City-Data Forum (city-data.com) Or Sunshine (Portland, Medford, Bend: 2014, how much, camper) - Oregon (OR) -Deschutes County - City-Data Forum (city-data.com) which is the newest one sadly.
  20. This has been a pretty disappointing March and this is suppose to be a 'La Nina'? feels more like a La Neutral spring with some temp strings but nothing really extreme unlike March 2019 which was way more exciting. Hope we do get a wet April to delay fire season in our new Redding Oregon. Can't wait for a smoky August.
  21. I bet a mod from City Data weather forums edited it to make it sound 'hip' or something.
  22. Kinda like this? Narrated by RS The blue GFS Model train. Which here is the US narration done by GC: Same story just some slightly different terminology? And narration. 'On the other side of the ditch some little boys were chattering:' "Doesn't he look silly? They'll never get him out!" They began to sing: "Silly old Gordon fell in a ditch, Fell in a ditch, fell in a ditch. Silly old Gordon fell in a ditch all on a Monday morning". Gordon laid in the ditch all day. It's now in VHS heaven. Such is the way of the tape. Edit: For some reason the boy
  23. You know something exciting is brewing close by when either Snow Wizard posts or Rob posts and jinxs it somehow. Where is Rob? You'd think he'd have shown the nth detail of the Feb ice storm and exaggerate some artic flow or caused that winter storm to be jinxed all together when either he or some of us gets over excited and tip the balance. You'd think he would be pouring all over this late pattern.
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