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  1. Must be fire weather season coming up if Tim's warm runs are the last post of the night.
  2. Lockdown Hawaii! Yum! I think Daily Woo has the right idea. Hawaii will be the first state to do the chip obviously when it comes and I don't mean potato chips either sadly.
  3. Florida awaits! Perhaps you should live with The Daily Woo and go with him on his fun adventures! Here's his latest! Why I don't do live streams,media events or patron. Here's what I had more of in mind: My favorite was this right when all the lockdowns happen. He used to do a lot of disney theme park stuff before you know what happened. He still goes to Magic Kingdom time to time so you never know! He seems to take turns with Provo Park Pass. I'm assuming to not interfere with each other. Though just ONCE I'd love to see them BOTH toget
  4. Maybe it's just Master Mode but when I played a new file my parents and I noticed whenever I drop rocks on Koroks heads or abuse NPC's the game seems to rain more. I went a clean file without abusing and did both flame quests without having any rain on me. Note: A BIG problem is the 2nd blue flame quest is a LOOOOOOOONG one where players complain about rain putting their torch out as you can't run while it equipped and I'm willing to be these players *including me* abused NPC's and Koroks. I used to love to hear them go 'Oof!' a lot in my first place thru so I bet the game keeps a hidden
  5. At first I was wondering if you threw rocks on too many Korok heads but then you mentioned 2008 long before Zelda Breath of the Wild was even thought of (though Zelda Wind Waker had Koroks to a certain degree) In Breath of the Wild it seems if you drop rocks on their heads too many times the game makes it rain more often right when you don't want it too..........
  6. Why did temps go up to 46F. I'm not kidding! It was down to 43F and stayed there around sunset then crept up to 44F an hour later then 45F and now 46F with a slight south wind slowly picking up. Is this a blip?
  7. Not as dangerous as doing a rolling move and bang your head on a tree to see if money comes out.
  8. Here's another one for you. Martin's Ultimate Tribute Canada (Both versions in one film) I linked to the start of the 80s version and went to as close to the film start as possible. The rest is technical stuff and queue. I love the 80s version as they show far more and isn't 'jokey' unlike the 2nd one much later in the film. The 1st Canada version is the best! They should've never retired it.
  9. I actually expected that to happen based on our recent climate. Dunno why people still act surprised when these things split against 'model' predictions.
  10. If you look closely you can see it's actually a very thin blue line though the model does a bad job of squishing it with the pink. The pink represents the higher foothills such as possibly Willow Creek even though it's sort of low it's surrounded by 1,500 foot plus mountains. Here's Willow Creek. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Willow+Creek,+CA/@40.9389574,-123.6235656,14.67z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x54d17dbb5ba267c3:0xaea52bec721079ca!8m2!3d40.9395774!4d-123.6314412!5m1!1e4 I turned on terrain. Eureka can sometimes get light dustings to an inch of snow once in a while. Crescent City stick
  11. Gosh: Models chasing each other's tails............Yeah. It's called a MODEL for a reason.. Imagine if this kind of predicting technology was forced to drive your car by legislation.
  12. Here's your quote calling Snow out. I agree with you that it hasn't been an epic trough month but it's better then post 2014.
  13. You just called a spade a spade (which is actually from The Bible BTW) and called Snow out for exaggerating this cold regime which I quite agree. It's a bit below normal but far from being note worthy though I'm hoping it changes after Sunday?
  14. Which means it's an Artic Blast! Quick Tim pull out all the cold anomalies! We are in for a long cold spring!
  15. Why is it to Snow Wizard anything even remotely below normal is an 'Artic Blast'?
  16. Also how does that work for them to go to a school they don't normally work at? They'll be unfamiliar with it completely as each school has it's own 'vibe' or so to speak.
  17. Aren't as flammable? Aren't as flammable. Trees are trees no matter where you go. That was a pretty bizarre statement.
  18. Yet we are going to be stuck in 2015 ridge land according to long range.
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