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  1. What's wrong with Reno? It's a LOT closer and Reno is a LOT more sane to drive due to the circle road around the city meaning you can literally avoid the main traffic for the most part which is what we usually did.
  2. Is it anything like this garden when the level starts after the narrator speaks?
  3. So having constant highs around or above 50F is a slow start? To me that's a no start as in La Nina having carburetor issues which now is finally fixed. I guess Mr La Nina finally bought a new one in Feb with his stimulus gold funds? I hope this carburetor stays healthy for a while.
  4. Gotta love those higher sun angles! Why wouldn't anything like this even REMOTELY show up during the winter when this would be most useful instead of the fake El Nino nightmare episode we had?
  5. Film de burn de burn de flip flip flip flip! Seems like what the models are doing lately. We need to hire these guys to fix them! Flim is okey dokey!
  6. So will it be something like this? Film de burn de burn de flip flip flip flip!
  7. You should see Mark's blog if you think this is bad. 3 days and only 2 comments. I think either a delete police is happening or something suspicious is going on.
  8. Bing shows it going up again to 57F by Wednesday before showing it only 52F. Sorry but me thinks not.
  9. But the thing is if you go to his actual page it's all biased to the cold side while he bleeps out anything 'warm' related. For example he will say 'This South America Severe Frost shows how global warming is a farce' never mind that the same year there will be over 1,000 plus warm records broken as well for every 500 cold weather records.
  10. Right when we change the clocks to daylight stupid time! Just in time to go back to skunk dark mornings!
  11. Is it a step in the right direction though? A Step In The Right Direction (From "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"/Soundtrack Version) - YouTube
  12. You forgot the N comes before the I. Whoops! I edited the quote for you so don't say I don't do charity.
  13. I think they meant to go to IceAgeNow.Info but took a wrong turn somehow. Seriously this feels like crap Robert Felix from there would spit out. Also how the hell do you navigate that site? That article was clearly for touch phones only.
  14. I think we may be in danger if this crap keeps up. This is when we should be playing last minute catch up. Not another hot spring. Pac-Attack - The Can-Can (Danger!) ~SNES Ver.~ - YouTube
  15. Pac Attack Game Over music: SNES: 5. Game Over - Pac-Attack Genesis Soundtrack (Namco) - YouTube Or this:
  16. The PNA keeps on struggling to go down.. Perhaps it needs some of our help? "Come on everybody! Let's all help Casey up this big hill! When the going gets tough confidence can help pull you through. Let's all say. I think I can I think I can" https://youtu.be/Y0uck2f-LKo?t=439
  17. I'd love to live in the 1800s a 'mixed' period. The temp roller coaster ride would be fun!
  18. I didn't. These folks did. Ice Age Now - The next ice age could begin any day and you can't argue a cent of logic into their brain. Whether or not it's true doesn't this reek sensationalism despite being 'against' the media tyranny? I don't know whether to or at our sad pathetic excuse of 'brain stormers' that argue vague stuff not really understanding the bigger picture such as the artic oscillation. Why Global Warming was a Total Farce & it's Now Incorporated into the Great Reset | Armstrong Economics Good juicy info about the - and + AO cycles which ironically is absent from a sit
  19. How do I tell if one is ambient or not and what does that mean?
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