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  1. So that low 30s for the Salem OR record mins isn't bogus during the summer? On July 1935 we had hit both a high of 103F and a low of 35F all within a week of each other. Sounds bizarre.
  2. Interesting combination. What does a Pacific high look like on an archived weather chart such as these? Reanalysis archives (wetterzentrale.de) I chose today's date for July 2011 so would this 1025mb be a Pacific High that's WAY out there or is it something else entirely? If it is would this be a prime example of a 1600s summer setup or can you point me to a better picture?
  3. So those ice age theorists saying we are cooling off now is pretty much BS ignoring our hot summers. In fact the ice age nutters went crazy with the Texas weather event.
  4. How come many folks on alt news sites think not only are we in an ice age but ignores the west coast post 2014 warming? They pretend it doesn't exist and cherry pick data from some cold corners of the earth painting it all over and of course their own backyard! Like that counts.
  5. That's what I have! Any way to get it to work during a blackout? Each time the power even so much as flickers causes the station to always reset itself which takes a few minutes. I thought the display had some kind of battery backup? I honestly don't mind feeding it batteries if there's a way too that is. BTW: We did get to 60F today and yesterday just briefly. Our sensor is on the shed so I am not sure if that exaggerates readings but it's the only place direct sunlight doesn't hit it past noon.
  6. So then we are not the only ones having frogs go like crazy. Our plants are into mature stages of blooming. They refuse to listen to me when I tell them March can still be cold. Obviously they know something we don't! Hopefully the jokes not on us.
  7. Can you do the Do Whop Hop with Kermit and count how many critters there are on screen with The Count? (2) Sesame Street - Doo ** Hop - YouTube
  8. Seriously we need an emoticon for cold weather.
  9. How does a Pacific high make it cloudier? Usually highs are associated with clear weather or does it have to do of where on the axis we sit relative to the high that makes them so cloudy? If so what are the differences between pacific ridge placements? Also don't you mean orographic precipitation? I thought that's usually what we get here? Precipitation types - Wikipedia What's stratiform like? Maybe I've seen that type and not known about it here in Oregon? I associate Oregon with Orographic as the web address I posted.
  10. It seems that NW flow now fails to produce snow below 1,000 feet unless very specific circumstances happen but in the 1900s thru 1920s it was quite common for quick hitting snow to be generally widespread which Portland used to get 10 to 20 inches most years and minor/moderate ice events thrown in the mix that would f'k up trolly cars and street lines putting them out of commission. People used to commonly own sleds and sleighs were somewhat common up to the 1930s when winters got more mild.. During the Jan 1950 big snows/blizzards people dusted old sleds/sleighs that were brought out from
  11. What would wetter summers look like you think? That seems so hard to imagine unless the late 90s were any indication as those were pretty cloudy until August.
  12. God I'd love to see weather charts from back in the day if they existed. Do you think there would've been a lot of eye candy even in the summe?
  13. Do Do you think thunder and hail might have been more common from cold fronts and would south wind events might've been more common from said fronts? If we had the US Weather Bureau back then do you think storm flags would've been hoisted more often and advisories issued even in summer we might get a surprise event? Do you think clouds were increased in the summer leading to May Gray/June Gloom on steroids?
  14. How do I reach him? He never answers his inbox? 1600s to 1800s really fascinates me as I'm curious if hot weather like 2014-2015 was the norm then which the rest of the US was colder more often or vica versa?
  15. How far north? That doesn't really say much. North of you? Portland? Seattle? It's along the lines like saying "Looks like some precipitation to the west' does that mean west of Salem? The coastline or way out in the Pacific that will never reach here?
  16. Well I dunno about you but it's pretty hard to have Artic air without any actual Artic air around. As much as I hate it I was expecting the other shoe to drop. That's why I don't solely rely on computers to tell me the weather or I'd be taken for a ride all the time.
  17. I think the word your looking for is El Nina in this case.
  18. With HARRP type technology nothing is 'conventional' anymore so expect A LOT of weird stuff that flies in our face of traditional 'ENSO' knowledge this decade assuming nothing gets done about it. For all I know our next moderate El Nino could be the snowiest for Eugene/Corvallis on south or some other stupid setup.
  19. Sounds like a survival novel waiting to be written on Amazon Kindle right up in par with One Second After: which in some aspects gets nitty gritty especially in regards to simple medicines and basic necessities you might not otherwise think would be a big deal. https://www.amazon.com/Second-After-John-Matherson-Novel-ebook/dp/B002LATV16/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Five+Seconds+EMP&qid=1613953906&sr=8-2 It's set in Black Mountain North Carolina near Asheville how that area deals with the after effects of a coordinated EMP attack using realistic knowledge of what we know ab
  20. In your humble opinion or anyone else's for that matter: Why do weaker cold fronts give us these surprise stronger south wind bursts over the last few years while the 'stronger' fronts tend to peter out to the point it gets really hard to get a good strong burst for any official station?
  21. Ummmm yeah. Finally someone who gets the big picture and not just whatever the GFS says or this or that model... Every 1,000 years give or take some we historically go thru these mega droughts and we are at that cycle once again however the peak isn't actually the 1,000 year mark but a bit later. The peak will be a hundred years from now but that doesn't mean we won't ever have cold but it will be more fleeting. Way in the past before humans settled here Lake Tahoe has been completely dry in decade long droughts though ironically the far west coast shows very little change if you go by what
  22. That downvote was totally uncalled for. This forum needs better moderating skills if it doesn't want to imitate Reddit trash.
  23. Time to move to balmy Spokane! Brrrrrrr! Windchill. Ready for this?
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