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  1. Got about 6-7 inches Went out during heavy snow rates and although it was night that pixie dust was coming down hardddd.
  2. @jaster220 looks like you got that winter storm warning! Congrats man
  3. Looking forward to the forecast discussion at 330 to say the least lol. Idt ive ever seen such disparity
  4. Wow awesome. Im so confused as to why GRR downplaying this so much to the point that it’s an event not even worthy of any headline
  5. Still waiting on a big dog here in kzoo - no snows more than 3.5 inches for any 24 hr period! Misses west, east, north, south or systems lose umph when they get here. But still more season total snowfall ive probably ever had. At least you had that 8 inch day on the 5th!
  6. Does NWS take into account LES when they forecast below normal precip for a good majority of the cold snap? Just curious because weather app (which i never really look at) went from showing snowflakes to just cloudy for mby
  7. Kzoo does well with NW and WNW I believe. How do yall think the lake effect for Sunday-Monday looks? Better than Friday? Man I may have to call in sick and weenie it up on friday lol
  8. yikes. though the brunt of the cold misses michigan this run, im assuming thats still a great signal for LES @Stacsh
  9. what extent of cold do we want for moderately sized flakes? The forecasted cold coming down looks a bit similar to 2019
  10. 3 inches here! Best of the season lol. All snow has stopped though
  11. Initial call of 4-6 inches for kzoo yesterday is going to bust. Nws hourly forecast only shows up to 2 inches. If I get 3 with being able to see some flakes fly at daybreak, ill be happy. It’s looking less and less likely though. Lame. @jaster220
  12. This would be our biggest snowfall of the year. GRR NWS ftw!
  13. been the theme all winter. didn't even need to wishcast lol i knew where this was headed from the jump smh
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