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  1. https://kachelmannwetter.com/de/modellkarten/euro/2021020912/moskau/akkumulierter-niederschlag/20210215-0000z.html ECMWF expects 30-40mm snow in Moscow region.
  2. Hello! I glad to see your post in my tread. Summer in Moscow is moderate at the temperature condition. Average maximum in July is +23..+25C I wonder that our summer is quite good.
  3. 12-13 February models predict a strong snowstorm in Moscow. http://meteopt.com/modelos/meteogramas/gfs.php?lat=55.50&lon=37.37&lang=en&type=txt&units=m I expect about 30-35mm snow in Moscow. It will blizzard because of wind.
  4. My English is low yet. I try learning it well.
  5. I haven't written posts here. In Moscow was a warm weather last 7-10 days(Temp 0..-5C). It's warm now too. It was snowing one week ago. It dropped 9mm snow. Current snow depth is 15cm in Moscow. December will normal with T average -4.3 I wait a thaw T 0..+2C tomorrow. If there is one tomorrow The snow will be melt.
  6. It was a sunny weather last week. Temperature was -5..-10C in the interval. But yesterday weather is changed. It became cloudy and temperature has increased up to -1...-6C Power of anticyclone will over in the current week. The forecasts predict a warmer up to positive temperature on Thursday and Friday. It will further expect the anticyclonic core come out off the north.
  7. I always take a photo the nature and weather. There is a few summers photo while I made last summer:
  8. I took a photo today afternoon. We don't snow yet(
  9. Warmth was record in all western Russia. Record list is quite a lot. I'd rather show you the map of anomalies for 2019/2020 winter.
  10. In current year was 2 monthly heat record: January(month has became with positive average for the first time of history!) and October. Winter 2019/2020 was the greatest of the history. Average temperature of all months the season was positive! Last record(-2.8 in winter 1960/191) has beaten at 3 degrees.
  11. The warmest and coldest Moscow's months of the history: Jan +0.1(2020) -21.6(1893) Feb +0.4(1990) -19.5(1929) Mar +4.4(2007) -10.4(1888 & 1917) Apr +11.1(2000) -1.4(1929) May +17.1(1979) +6.0(1918) Jun +21.4(1999) +11.9(1904) Jul +26.1(2010) +14.6(1904) Aug +21.7(2010) +12.0(1884) Sep +14.9(1938) +6.9(1993) Oct +9.2(2020) -0.9(1976) Nov +4.0(2013) -8.1(1908) Dec +1.2(2006) -14.7(1933) Year +7.8(2
  12. Thanks for the compliment! I'm trying to understand your language. It isn't very difficult for me) As for weather in Moscow now, it's stable yet. The power of an anticyclone will be continue during week: http://www1.wetter3.de/Archiv/GFS/2020121000_1.gif http://www1.wetter3.de/Archiv/GFS/2020121300_1.gif If so, the first half of December will be cold. Temperature below the norm in that conditions(nights is cloudless). But no snow in models forecast. I'd want snow. Winter non snow is wrong for me.
  13. Most amount of snow in my experience was in March 2013. Then snow depth was 77cm on the 26.03: 27612 Moscow 25.03.2013 -8.2 -10.0 -6.3 87 78 -17 -12 -12 3.5 11 500 m 1009.9 1008.7 1011.4 989.8 988.5 991.4 10.0 3.1 4.3 2 6.3 70
  14. I've understood you. There are the data for those days(last two columns - precipitation and snow depth): 27612 Moscow 02.02.2018 -5.2 -9.1 -1.5 88 83 -13 -5 -5 1.9 2 4000 m 1012.9 1009.1 1016.9 992.7 989.3 996.4 10.0 8.3 0.4 0.9 1.3 36
  15. Anticyclone has set dry and no snow weather in Western Russia. http://www1.wetter3.de/Archiv/GFS/2020120412_1.gif Temperatures fluctuates in -1..-6C interval in Moscow. It snowed last night. But precipitation fell few(0.9mm). I as snow-lover was disappointed. In next 7-10 days models predict continuation anticyclone power. http://www1.wetter3.de/Archiv/GFS/2020121112_1.gif Models have conditions for blocking in high latitude. I'd like to wait that weather will be winter in this December. Last month(Dec.2019) was very warm and no snow.
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