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  1. I’m not sure what the cloud situation is looking like tonight, but if it stays clear I could see a lot of places in W Oregon overachieving on lows.
  2. Eugene hit 23 on one of their 5 min obs. That would be a record. Looks like Salem only hit 27 and missed theirs by 1, but we will see at 11 what their official low was. 26 is the number they needed.
  3. Looks like SLE is back to their old under achieving tricks. 24 now at Corvallis.
  4. Looks like some wind sheltered spots around Forest Grove are already below freezing.
  5. Yeah most W. Oregon stations still seem pretty breezy. The cold potential appears to be significantly better in western Oregon though. Dewpoint should are well into the teens most spots. About 10-15 degrees lower than most spots in W Washington.
  6. I have to say. Even I am impressed. We will see what happens with lows tonight, but PDX only hitting 48 under full sunshine on October 25th is pretty amazing.
  7. I saw 1919 on some lists and 1935. I believe they were both Ninas.
  8. Agreed. I decided to stay quiet since I mentioned the 12z was decent and someone decided to clown on me over it with their first post in months.
  9. Those were Ninos, when was the last big Niña early season cold wave?
  10. This Niña is literally going off the charts. About half the CFS ensembles today have it peaking around New Years BELOW -3.0C in the 3.4 region.
  11. I don’t think PDX will hit 50 today. DP down to 13 at SLE, this is very impressive.
  12. Looks like Denver had a midnight high of 27. Down to 13 with light snow there now.
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