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  1. For the Willamette Valley, October will end up just slightly above average temperature wise. Not bad considering how badly we torched early in the month.
  2. I’m in the foothills though so sub freezing highs are more common up here. Though we did not have any last winter.
  3. Even January 1950 had some warm wet days down this way. Whereas 1949 was wall to wall cold.
  4. We had strong offshore winds on the 4th as that system moved into southern Oregon giving them their big snow event.
  5. It is the coldest month since I have lived here. We had 13 sub freezing highs.
  6. The early January 2017 airmass didn’t have great low level cold air advection, also there was a strong cross cascade gradient so I think there was some kind of downsloping component. We had a 25/13 day up here, but most valley locations had highs in the 34-38 range. Though many valley locations had lows in the mid teens. There was a pretty significant overrunning event on 1/7/17 though which really overachieved.
  7. That winter had pretty consistent cold airmasses. It was probably the best overall winter in the Willamette Valley since 92-93. But like 92-93 no major Arctic airmasses. The mid-December and early January airmasses were pretty weak Arctic airmasses, so it still was plenty cold. And yeah, no big pineapple expresses or strong southerly pushes to mix out the lower basins East side.
  8. It is, though I could see a pretty legit AR forming to the south of that airmass across the PNW. It doesn’t seem like we are going to have any trouble with getting big league cold on this side of the pole this year. That was one of our big problems in 2016-17.
  9. Cutting firewood on my Dads farm today with my father in law. This was our 3rd load of the week. We are ready for January 1950.
  10. That was an astonishingly good GFS run for this time of year. GEM isn’t quite as wild, but still shows the trough.
  11. I was impressed with the low level push of cold air with this past weeks “blast.” Offshore winds gusted to about 30mph at the weather station near our place. Pretty impressive for offshore flow here.
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