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  1. The early January 2017 airmass didn’t have great low level cold air advection, also there was a strong cross cascade gradient so I think there was some kind of downsloping component. We had a 25/13 day up here, but most valley locations had highs in the 34-38 range. Though many valley locations had lows in the mid teens. There was a pretty significant overrunning event on 1/7/17 though which really overachieved. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, High Desert Mat? said:

    ‘16-‘17 was one to remember over here. It was cold and we had snow on the ground from December 4th through March 4th that winter. I was getting up in the morning thinking it would warm into the 20’s that day but for weeks on end it would be in the teens and lows in single digits. It got old but I’d love for it to happen again. Best winter of my life. A few days I remember it staying around 10 for the high and it just didn’t warm up it seemed like forever. 

    How did it stay that cold over here for so long? I mean daytime temps. Was it residual cold?

    That winter had pretty consistent cold

    airmasses. It was probably the best overall winter in the Willamette Valley since 92-93. But like 92-93 no major Arctic airmasses. The mid-December and early January airmasses were pretty weak Arctic airmasses, so it still was plenty cold. And yeah, no big pineapple expresses or strong southerly pushes to mix out the lower basins East side. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, Meatyorologist said:

    No doubt. 1041mb Arctic high, 1000-500mb thickness values down below 486dm. Some places below -35F w/ -25C departures. Too bad it's stopped by a frontal system coming off the GOA.


    It is, though I could see a pretty legit AR forming to the south of that airmass across the PNW. 

    It doesn’t seem like we are going to have any trouble with getting big league cold on this side of the pole this year. That was one of our big problems in 2016-17.

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