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  1. I know the average temp at my location was 31.7 in December and froze my neighbors pond solid. Obviously January has been much warmer, but it still has a thin layer of ice on it given the recent sub-freezing mornings. (It is pretty shaded, but still, its not like this January has been cold overall.).
  2. I could personally care less about this debate. Some pretty worthless if you ask me.
  3. I like the 00z. Its decent. Not as snowy for my locations as some runs a few days ago, but quite chilly in the LR.
  4. The question is whether the ridge is gone for good or comes back after a few days.
  5. Beautiful sunny day today. Felt a little bit like early spring...Back when I was still playing baseball a day like this in January would incite a terrible case of spring fever! Generally by the time the season came it was non-stop rain every day!
  6. CFS still saying cold February. 3rd day in a row now...
  7. Almost to much negative stuff and toxic stress in my life to handle the Seahawks making the super bowl. Now I get to hear at least two more weeks of their super annoying fans.
  8. Thank you. With the cloudcover here it looks like the fog has thinned a bit in the valley. However, with clearing overnight it will probably thicken back up again.
  9. Hope its not to foggy on my drive home from Corvallis tonight. Going to the Oregon vs. Oregon St. basketball game, won't even be watching the Seahawk game. Don't care.
  10. EURO fun! http://www.ecmwf.int/products/forecasts/d/getchart/catalog/products/forecasts/medium/deterministic/msl_uv850_z500!Geopotential%20500%20hPa%20and%20Temperature%20at%20850%20hPa!240!North%20America!pop!od!oper!public_plots!chart.gif
  11. Finally tabulated my final December stats: Avg Max: 38.5 Avg Min: 24.8 Mean: 31.7 Max: 51 Min: 2 Sub-Freezing lows: 28 Sub-Freezing Highs: 8 Precip: 5.10" Snowfall: 1.25" Days with precip: 10
  12. I know Jim has been mentioning the CFS. It has shown below normal conditions for most of the PNW in February the past two days. http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/people/mchen/CFSv2FCST/monthly/images/CFSv2.NaT2m.20140119.201402.gif
  13. No reason was given to me, just speculation, but I was accused of being "negative" after I didn't get aboard the wishcast express. Then poof I was gone. But I have probably already discussed it to much. It is what it is, I don't want to get put on mod preview for making an issue out of it.
  14. SLE is only running a +1.0 departure and with the upcoming fogversion that positive departure will probably disappear in the next few days.
  15. Ensembles are a little better than last night...Don't stop believing! Got down to 24 here this morning!
  16. By then we may have had an accumulating snowfall in January. I'm sure we'll have had several more snow events in March and April.
  17. Yep, I've been told my **** the world attitude is quite endearing.
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