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  1. Yes, they recorded lows in the teens in October 2002 and 2006. I believe the low in 2002 tied their all time record for the month and 2006 broke it. The record for tomorrow morning is from 1954 which is intriguing as that is one of the years I have been looking at as a possible analog.
  2. Looks like SLE managed to hit 32 on one of the 5 min readings. Eugene has bottomed out at 30 this morning. Madras in Central Oregon down to 12.
  3. Will be interesting. Eugene has been known to overachieve in low dewpoint situations if gradients relax sufficiently. SLE really overachieved last October. I think their record low of 26 is definitely one to keep an eye on.
  4. NWS is forecasting a low of 22 at EUG tomorrow morning. Not only would that be their coldest October low since 2006, it would be a record for the date.
  5. CFS has been improving once we get to about November 10th. Storm train gets going and solid pass level snows.
  6. Given we are in a long term severe drought, squandering the first half of our 2nd wettest month is not good.
  7. I don’t know if I have ever seen the models this bad this time of year. Wow.
  8. I’m truly impressed with how quickly the dew points are dropping off tonight down the valley. Looks like into the mid-20s in the metro area, 27 at SLE.
  9. I have a 12 hour overnight layover at Denver tomorrow night. Kind of excited about it, provided my flight makes it in as scheduled.
  10. It was nuts. After what happened in Oregon on Labor Day I definitely have a new perspective on these things. I thought it was the Cameron Peak Fire, but now I believe it was the East Troublesome Fire blowing up.
  11. Warm tongue moves up the foothills to about Molalla. 33 degree rain for me and Tiger.
  12. Detroit Oregon (RIP) had a 7’ snow at the end of January 2008. They are at about 1800’. Silver falls at 1300’ recorded a 47” depth.
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