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  1. I would prefer not to have to wait until winter is over for anything to happen. I would probably take 88-89 though. That was a historic blast.
  2. Who is saying it’s a bad thing? No one. It’s great and it is a very transitory and brief pattern. We have not really “flipped” to anything. Just a brief interlude in our sea of overhead ridging. That is what I am decrying, not the current airmass.
  3. It’s ironic you always imply I am making things up, and give him a free pass when he ignores reality. So pointing out the fact we had already had two intrusions of cold air at this point last year and it was the coldest fall in some areas since 1985, whereas this fall has been one of the warmest on record is somehow “disingenuous?” Okay.
  4. The GEM looks like something you might expect to see in a Niña fall.
  5. Of course it does not. But it also does not prove the opposite either.
  6. Not trying to down play this event, but let’s not pretend we didn’t have historic cold even earlier last year. Whether or not the departures will be greater or less by a few degrees is largely beside the point. And no matter what happens the next few weeks this has been one of the warmest falls on record to this point and will likely end up well above average regionally unless something crazy happens in November.
  7. We had essentially had two arctic intrusions by this point last year. Both of which delivered accumulating snow to the Spokane area.
  8. Not sure how to respond to this... Can you explain why you think this year is more impressive. Please refresh your memory on the 3 separate arctic airmasses Spokane saw from late September-October last year.
  9. These model runs are horrific. And the last time we saw these kinds of early arctic pushes this early was... Last fall...
  10. I gotta go with Jesse in this debate. The warmth has been regional. Not north/south. Everyone has been significantly above normal. Eugene does have a greater positive departure than Seattle, but they are running pretty close to PDX, and Salem has run slightly closer to average than any of them.
  11. I guess it comes down to if you are a glass half full or half empty kind of guy. Perhaps we even the score this time around.
  12. All time single day October snowfall record at Spokane 6.8” as of 11p. Now the bad news... Some truly awful winters on this list.
  13. You do know he had a low of 31 this morning and 30 yesterday morning.
  14. 2017-18 was slightly more exciting than last winter here. December was chilly, no white Christmas here, a very cold late February and a big snow event in late March.
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