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  1. Just saw Billings broke a snow fall record from October 1949 the other day!
  2. In other news it is a really nice day here on the river, quite a few leaves floating past on the breeze. Next time I am here at the office will be later next week, the trees will probably be much more bare by that point.
  3. GFS wants to fire up the storm train with some very cold air in NW Canada.
  4. December 2010 and 11 were some pretty lame months during two moderate Ninas.
  5. Was looking at the downtown data for Portland from the late 1800s yesterday. Pretty amazing how frequent wicked arctic outbreaks were. I can’t remember the year, but there was one in the mid 1880s in the middle of February that had multiple sub freezing highs. Then one in February 1883 that had a 14/7 day.
  6. Looks boring, but chilly at the surface. I would prefer a more active pattern over a continual ridgefest though.
  7. Looking at the NWS forecast for my location, two more days in the mid-50s and then we don't hit 50 again through Sunday. Going with highs in the low 40s Saturday/Sunday. Brrrr....
  8. It is. To be honest I do not have much invested in this "event." I am more disappointed we still have no sign of zonal flow. I would rather get our inevitable wet mild month out of the way as soon as possible.
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