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  1. This system tracked further south than what the models were predicting and we never got cold enough to switch all over to snow. Welp! we can always cheer for next winter to be better to us!
  2. Per the LRC king this morning: The track of this storm seems to be perfect for a heavy band of snow in this comma head. If it does change to snow, then 2" of snow per hour is possible for three to six hours. Add that up! That would be 6 to 12 inches of snow. Again, that is if the temperature drops to near 32 degrees. If it is 35 to 37 degrees then it will be rain with snowflakes mixed in.
  3. the Nam model is showing 5 inches over KC and now the euro is showing 4 inches. This would be our biggest snow of the season if this pans out
  4. i was saying that this morning, if this storm was a month earlier when we had our coldest temp in decades we would have been digging ourselves out for days!
  5. My storm total is 4.2 inches. Not bad for a storm that models a couple days ago said was going to miss us. Im ready for the next storm tomorrow night!
  6. me too! Ill gladly take another 2-4 Wednesday. How are you doing with snow totals today?
  7. getting light to moderate snow here in Lawrence ks. We are at 3.5-3.75 inches now with another 1 inch possible with the bands from the deformation band. snow is blowing and drifting so it makes it a little hard to measure
  8. I hope so! This is our true last chance of winter so I’m all for it before spring settles in!
  9. The dry air was definitely too strong today. I’m in Lawrence and i think we have about 2 inches today. Hopeful for another band as the low moves by tomorrow morning
  10. Don’t worry Mike there is a nice wave moving up from Witchita now that should be here in a couple hours
  11. Good morning! Just woke up and looked out the window and we have about .5 of the fluffy fresh snow on the ground. So glad the dry air didn’t win! Looks like we about to have a break before the 2nd round moves in. Looks like it will be a long snowy Valentine’s Day!!
  12. I hope they are under doing the totals and we end up with 5 inches. They can always go up on totals!
  13. dont get too hurt with the GFS output, they predicted a week ago we would be under 20 inches of snow and we barely got half a inch lol
  14. i hope this NW wet trend continues. sucks having all this cold and nothing but flurries coming out
  15. The Nam is finally being nice to the folks in KC
  16. I just quoted this in the other post lol. the models was showing big snow amounts but has been poof all week! The GFS has been pretty to look at but far from accurate. Im pulling for the Euro storm to provide for us since the storm this weekend is the same storm that dug all the way down into mexico last cycle and brought us a lot of rain. *fingers crossed*
  17. as much as i want the GFS to be right for my area this week it has been completely wrong. On Monday it was saying we should have 8 inches of snow by now and we have only received maybe half a inch.
  18. the models over the last 2 days have been getting drier and drier for the kc area. Was suppose to have accumulating snow today but so far we only have flurries. When we have storms its too warm and when we have cold air there's no storms. sigh!
  19. im not buying this run. it looks like it hits a straight wall from central nebraska straight down to texas lol
  20. i dont get how the GFS and the Euro are vastly different from each other. The GFS for my area gives me 20 inches but the euro says ehhh lucky to get 3.
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