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  1. 1.43 here. And I'm the lowest of all my friends east and west of me. 4.74 for July. 32 of last 36 months have been at or above avg precip based on Ottumwa averages. It been quite a ride. Very thankful, since our business thrives on this!
  2. That was Ottumwa 2012 to 2017.. repeatedly dry. Severe 3 summers. 2014 and 2016 not too dry. But since Aug 2018 we now have been on a good roll here! Of past 36 months only 4 were below avg precip! Thats at my home, but based on Ottumwa monthly averages. Dry summers will return! They always do.
  3. If that materialized, just a repeat of the pattern since early may. A dry 10 to 18 days followed by a deluge in wapello, davis, Jefferson. Vanburen counties.
  4. I have tracked these dewpoints closely for past 6 years. Mine had never been higher than 83. But 85 twice this week! Ive noticed many 80 or higher dp across Iowa today. Mine is similar usually to the Fairfield airport. The Washington county one seems quite high frequently. I was between oskaloosa and Freemont at a business surrounded by corn, it was horrid!
  5. I generally have way less corn than most areas of Iowa. I live in a 50% wooded area. Creeks, wetlands, pastures, hay. Maybe 25% at most corn and soybeans. Yet my dewpoint is constantly higher than OTM a airport surrounded by corn and beans about 11 miles away. In May i had a 83 dewpoint when corn was 6 inches high and bean barely up. I think humidity pools from Mississippi river basin. Im about 700 ft elevation. Im sure there was 80 dewpoints here in the grass and wetlands of the 1700s! Lol
  6. My davis pro here. Has been over 77 dewpoint for what seems like 10 straight days. Its been 80 or higher on at least 6 days. IT WAS 85 as weak cold front approached sat pm. Id bet on a 82 dewpoint or higher tomorrow. The Fairfield Iowa airport is usually a similar dewpoint as me. I live along a creek that empties in to desmoines river about 5 miles away. Wooded and wetlands. A mid 80s dewpoint happens almost each year!!! Place is nuts! I spent weeks on Bolivia Brazil border area of Amazon. This could be slightly worse!!
  7. Just incredible humidity here today. The weak front dropping in squeezed out more moisture! A nice shower went over city of Ottumwa missing me, but it added moisture! Incredible 85f dewpoint highest since purchasing my davis pro 6 years ago. Possibly high dewpoint of my life. High temp was 94.
  8. My dewpoint currently is 77f!!! Ive compared dewpoints around se Iowa to rest of usa for years. Most summer days mine is as high or higher than entire usa, even Florida. This summer has had few days with breaks in the humidity. Unlike the drought areas just to my north. Does anyone have a detailed map of dewpoints around the country? Not just a couple reporting stations each state? Ohio st twister had nice one, cant find them now.
  9. We will be starting at 7 am and stopping at 2 pm until this heat wave ends. But because of the high humidity and previous heavy rains our dew is incredible! And it last until noon. I bet some 80 dewpoints here on the way. High made 91 today with high dewpoint of 78.
  10. Ended the day with 1.80. 3.36 for July so far. Well over 10 inches since June 18. Many other areas of Southern Iowa have more. Its been since 2010 that Southern Iowa has has such heavy widespread regular rain in the middle of the growing season VID_127750315_075432_998.mp4
  11. The early week model runs had front limping through here this am with a half inch. Yesterday pm models got more robust. At 10 pm last night I watched the outflow boundary drop southeast from des metro. Storms fired on it and front sagged with West to east orientation. I knew at 10 pm we indeed would not be missed. Overnight I got 92/100 an pockets in davis, vanburen Monroe and Lucas counties clearly 2 to 4 inches. So since June 18th I have 9.3 inches and continue to be dry spot. Many in Southeast Iowa have 13 to 17 inches
  12. Well, guess what part of midwest both models hit hard. You guessed it!
  13. Another .40 so far today and temp hovering at 64f! This is clearly the wettest summer in the Ottumwa Iowa area since 2010. Well over 8 inches since June 18th. And my home in a somewhat drier location. One friend southeast wapello county near eldon is at 16 inches since June 18.
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