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  1. Whats your Dec, Jan, Feb melted precip totals? At one point we melted ice and snow. And we also had way higher precip totals than the official Ottumwa numbers. I really dont believe the monthly and yearly precip amounts can be trusted from what ive seen in my part of rural Iowa.
  2. Im color blind so its tough to decipher. I have 2 properties, one 6 miles wsw of Ottumwa and another on the NE edge of city limits. Both have hovered around 20 inches much of Feb. Both are not open areas and have had little drifting.
  3. Exactly same here, 17.5 snow depth yesterday. Layers and several inches of ice at bottom. I maxed out earlier in feb at 21". Over 44 inches for the season.
  4. Those maps have been incorrect for my property all winter. I do live in a wooded area and slopes slightly north. But since feb 5th have had 17 to 21 inches non stop. Just measured now. 17.5 and about 0.5 snow and sleet today
  5. Total bust here. Some very light sleet and freezing rain. Dry slotted and barely any precip. Low must be further north than progged just 36 hours ago?
  6. My favorite snowstorm of all time will probably always be the "megaopolis" storm of Feb 11, 1983 in North Central Maryland. I lived on my grandparents dairy farm. The forecast at 6 pm on Feb 10 was for 4 to 7 inches. Snow began about 5 am the next day. Was moderate much of morning. Heavy by noon, becoming the most intense snow of my life to date. From 1 pm to sunset visibility was nill! I still remember repeated rounds of thundersnow. Rates of 4 to 5 inches per hour much of that afternoon. It ended about 7 pm.. a shocking 36" on our farm of about 1100 feet elevation. All in
  7. Fridays low was 1F and a high of 32 Todays low was 4F and a high of 37F Quite a temp spread of 33 degrees today.
  8. Radiational cooling in full force past 2 nights. 2 full weeks now of below zero nights.
  9. 43.0 for the season. Most feb snows have been light and under 3 inches. 18.25 on the ground
  10. Last night was my coldest -16 finally some good raditional cooling, clear and calm. 12 of past 13 nights below zero. Sat to Tues my thermometer was below zero 65 straight hours.
  11. I must say that yet another event has over performed in se Iowa! A hour ago i measured 1.9 inches. And its still falling. So im sitting at 42.4 inches for the season. Which didn't really began until dec 28th
  12. DMX has my county staying below zero from Saturday 5 pm through Tuesday noon. If pans out it will no doubt be the longest period below zero of my life. My home has dropped below zero 7 of the past 8 nights. 11 below being the lowest.
  13. Ottumwa airport was -13 at 5am. A stratus deck was from hwy 34 south so my home was -7. Last Friday night my home davis pro was -11. January 2019 it fell to -27. I live along a tributary to the desmoines river. I fully expect a -20 out of this air mass.
  14. Xmas day 1983 was the coldest day i ever witnessed in Maryland where i grew up, 18 below! Have experienced colder in Iowa.
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