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  1. Top 5 most beautiful and spectacular mammatus clouds I have ever captured in my life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7-_-Oop6BA
  2. How does the waterspout occur? Where do they often occur? What types of waterspouts are there? Could the waterspout cause the damage? What wind speed can they reach? And how wide? Can the waterspouts be forecast? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z_VdsU8IJk
  3. 18 amazing facts about lightning that you probably don't know. Is lightning sexist? Which tree species is most often struck by lightning? Can the plane become uncontrollable after a lightning strike? What is 'bolt from the blue'? How many people are killed by lightning? What is petrified lightning? And much more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVv5j-Qf_BU
  4. How does muddy flood arise? Where can they occur? Muddy floods can damage the road infrastructure and may deposit layers of mud blanket and may also clog sewers and damage private property. Soil erosion plays an important role. What erosion measures are there? https://youtu.be/zhxOlRBIIxs
  5. 10 years ago on May 22 2011, the American city of Joplin (Missouri) was badly hit by an EF-5 tornado. 158 dead and 1150 injured. Nearly 3 billion dollars in damage. What went wrong? Why so many deaths? With the help of a model we can find and analyze the causes. In the end you will also have some pictures of post-tornado Joplin and memorial. This video is a video presentation of Joris Dewolf (Belgian geographer and storm chaser). https://youtu.be/dJ57UrZ2eig
  6. Can the dust devils injure humans? How is a dust devil created? What is the lifespan? How big is the dust devil? When can you spot them? https://youtu.be/Af8bKXqC_hs
  7. What is enhanced Fujita scale or EF scale? What is difference between F and EF scale? How many categories? Based on what? How to determine tornado intensity? This video also explains about damage descriptions, wind speeds, damage indicators, ... There are also two simple exercises. https://youtu.be/7k8bIwOSh5E
  8. Who has ever seen these? https://youtu.be/6csLIRQG1Pw
  9. 20 amazing facts about snow that you probably don't know. Can the snowball develop on its own? How high is the largest snowman in the world? How many types of snowflakes are there? How many meters of snow in 1 day? Where in the US has it never snowed? https://youtu.be/vgEnh0m4ogQ
  10. What is snow roller? A kind of snowball. Is it man-made? Or by nature? Rare weather phenomenon. https://youtu.be/zieA7ZOZGzs
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