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  1. Absolute snow dump continues in Oly. Some places are over 12” mark. Real possibility to hit 18-20” event total if precip rates keep up.
  2. Certainly. If it were to keep up like this, I can get another 4-6 inches before sunrise.
  3. Took a minute to kick in but it’s here and it’s now puking snow. Hoping it doesn’t move out of here too fast but seems like it’s moving quick.
  4. Never do I remember seeing icicles from the light poles in the middle of a snow event. Pretty incredible. It’s 28°. Makes me think we aren’t going to warm up quite as quickly as predicted tomorrow.
  5. Olympia is approaching the 1 foot mark. Snow coming down steadily. No end in sight until at least daybreak. Score!
  6. Heavier precip starting in Oly now. Here it comes!
  7. Can someone tell me when we think the snow is going to hit tonight in the south sound? Trying to tell my boss if we should close our restaurant early.
  8. Good morning from Snolympia. I’m going to make you all hate me. We have 6” so far. NWS is going with 6 to 8 inches tonight. I think that’s understated. I think we have a real possibility of hitting 2 feet by the time this is over.
  9. West side of Olympia as of 7 PM is up to approximately 5 inches and still snowing steadily.
  10. HRRR still sticking with the idea of nonstop precipitation for the next 18+ hours in the south sound. Will be interested to see if that pans out.
  11. Starting to stick to roads in higher elevation parts of Olympia. Temps are still borderline, 33-34.
  12. Snow beginning to stick to side streets in Olympia. Precip rates have picked up and temp is down to 33.
  13. Finally managed to find a spot where the snow is sticking to the pavement. Interested to see what happens with the heavier precip on the way.
  14. Update from Olympia. Everything except the pavement has a layer of white now.
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