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  1. Snow not going to be able to last as long as I thought with the heavy rain I’ve been seeing all day lol. Fast melt happening
  2. Was thinking the same thing. Snow performance was great it just was missing the cold sunny few days sandwiched in between where we go into a deep freeze with snow. Still fun nonetheless!
  3. Just lightened up and switched to sleet/rain. That was quite the grand finale tho
  4. Absolutely puking snow now and sticking to all surfaces again
  5. Still dumping snow here in marysville but you can definitely tell it’s warming. Snow doesn’t seem to be sticking to the roads and other paved areas much anymore and things look wetter. Beyond 2.5” of new snow today though!
  6. Dumping snow with just over an inch of new accumulation added to the base here. Bouncing between 30 and 31 degrees
  7. Are we talking like Hail Mary odds here to have this shift to another snow event instead of transition to rain or what? Sorry just trying to catch up lol p
  8. Still can model ride tonight for the details of tomorrow! haha
  9. Alright.... who is ready to do some more model riding now? Lmao
  10. Hopefully when this is all done tonight we will get that classic post snowstorm cold freezing night. I always like the lull in between two snows when it’s all cold and snowy on the ground and more snow to come
  11. Do you think that band right below Everett will move north and merge with the band around snohomish county?
  12. Dumping snow in marysville again and radar seems to be pushing all the moisture in this general direction of this band so hoping for some good action coming
  13. So is the precip out near Victoria area going to keep feeding this north sound band to keep it going?
  14. Been snowing pretty good for awhile now. Accumulations seem to be slowing down though for some reason even with it still being 29 outside
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