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  1. Any updates on the next low? The weather app is showing seattle snowing from 4am to 2pm+ tomorrow. Only reaching above freezing at 10:30am.
  2. This is my view around Boren & Stewart. IMG_1179.HEIC IMG_1173.HEIC
  3. Either it's suddenly foggy 30 stories up, or it is really snowing outside here.
  4. When do the heavier bands reach downtown seattle?
  5. I'm watching a bunch of cars attempt to drive up the steep hills near me downtown and they're making it about halfway and then sliding.
  6. What time will denny way shutdown for sledding?
  7. I can see snow for Seattle tomorrow night now. But Sunday is showing nothing now.
  8. Happy Friday. Hopefully downtown Seattle gets dumped on later tonight.
  9. Everyone just take a break, cook/pickup some dinner, and wait until the euro tonight. Seattle will be dumped in snow, we will win bigly.
  10. Yes, but will denny way be shut down is the real question.
  11. All mighty @snow_wizard what is the latest forecast for Seattle. Will I actually be able to sled down denny way?!?!
  12. My parents in Lacey have lost their dog in the backyard snow. Turns out he built an entire igloo with the massive snowfall happening right now.
  13. Cliff posted, he's referencing HRRR - https://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2021/02/the-snow-forecast-update.html
  14. What is the probability I will be able to sled down denny way this weekend?
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