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  1. Negative, just created an account here this year.
  2. Hail and a quick thunderstorm in West Seattle. Defintely miss thunderstorms, used to live in Texas and Singapore as a kid.
  3. Still snowing pretty decently in West Seattle but it's defintely warmed. Sitting right at 32 degrees right now.
  4. 9" outside, had to take a couple readings around the yard. Was a nice extra bit of snow this afternoon that made the kids want to go back out for some more!
  5. Well of course as I post that the wind picks back up, looks like about six inches so far here.
  6. Dumping snow in West Seattle right now, wind has died down some from a few hours ago. Hard to get a good picture outside since I'm up with my newborn.
  7. Been lurking for awhile, first time poster. Tracking the storms as they come through has been super interesting to pay attention to. Sticking pretty good in West Seattle, haven't gone back outside to check how much since I put my kids to bed but sidewalks and my street are completely covered now.
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