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  1. Just got back from my quest for coffee, and I can definitely see the signs that it is warming up. The snow that had accumulated on the branches is all beginning to slide off, and the sidewalk corners are turning to slush-puddles. I was definitely overdressed for the walk, I was way too warm by the end (and I tend to freeze easily, I have no meat on my bones).
  2. Looks like the snow has finally stopped here. Sounds about time to walk down to the local Starbucks... which is actually open because a few of the baristas live within walking distance. Someone's getting a good tip today!
  3. Ended up sleeping in super late after yesterday's snow hike adventure. But we're now up to 12" snow depth on Cougar Mountain, and it's still snowing moderately!
  4. Took a walk to the park today, and then hiked down to Lewis Creek. It looks absolutely gorgeous in all the snow! The hike back up from the valley is pretty brutal in the deep snow, though - wore me out, I had to come home and take a nap!
  5. Woke up around 8am when our power blipped for a few moments... we are sitting pretty here! 8.5" of snow on Cougar Mountain, and still coming down! I finally have a chance to break out the 10" snow hiking boots I bought after the Feb 2019 storm!
  6. Been playing some video games while I wait for the main event tonight, and the lights here have flickered once or twice. We're in one of the older neighborhoods that still has above-ground wiring, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these gusty winds don't knock out the power in this cold. I definitely made sure to save my game often and get my phone charger loaded up and ready.
  7. I saw the first flake or two here ~3:30, and by 4:15 or so it was snowing lightly. It's been like that ever since! I'm on the north side of Cougar Mountain, near I-90.
  8. Just finished dinner (and a nice margarita to tide me over for the evening!) and found that in the meantime, the snow has begun to accumulate here on Cougar Mountain! We've got a dusting so far out on the deck, and it's still coming down lightly! Take that, east winds!
  9. Just got back from a walk in my local park, and very light flurries have started on Cougar Mountain!
  10. My best friend growing up had one. That was THE place to be in the summertime.
  11. Yep, we've certainly overcome it in the past, sometimes in grand fashion. It's just hard to be patient when everyone else starts getting their snow!
  12. Still bone dry out here on Cougar Mountain. Those east winds are doin' me dirty!
  13. I don't blame Holtby for the dirty looks he was shooting at the rest of the team the other night. They hung him out to dry. Thankfully, I'm also a Mariners fan, so I'm used to enduring this type of pain and disappointment.
  14. Speaking as a Canucks fan myself, I think Vancouver could really use a good pick-me-up snowstorm distraction right now!
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