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  1. 0 degree high and -20 nighttime low for Seattle with 5 feet of snow.
  2. Gavin Newsom will replace Inslee and our state will continue to decline into Californication.
  3. It appears Mount Rainier freshened up over the last several days. I like it’s new white coat.
  4. I’m actually rooting for a nice half of September. The rains will be coming soon enough!
  5. Puget Sound area has had mostly a pleasant summer. Much different than our friends down south.
  6. If you move to Renton go to the Eastern Renton Highlands. Puyallup/Fife/auburn/Kent/Renton valley areas might be the worse spot for snow in WWA. That entire area should be Puget Sound (it was at some point).
  7. The clouds sure are stubborn. You think they will burn off by morning? Making a camping trip up the pass, and hoping it clears off.
  8. No we need 4 straight months of cold and snow to make up for this abomination of a summer.
  9. I agree it is absurd. Some classify NYC as borderline subtropical. If anyone has actually ever spent time or lived in an actual subtropical Or Mediterranean country they would feel the same way.
  10. Has characteristics, but it really feels nothing like the countries that actually sit on the Mediterranean.
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