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  1. What it showing for Monday? Got a trip planned that day camping
  2. This past December 2021 into early January was pretty memorable in Puget Sound. For a moment I thought it would last a month. The past few winters have been pretty good imho.
  3. Snowpack ruler at Steven’s showing 115+ inches on the ground at 5K. Still dumping snow this morning. Pretty awesome.
  4. All of my summer memories as a kid from Montana involve smoke. Puget Sound area has exceptional clear air to me. Not your imagination.
  5. It is all snow in the mountains. At least in the WA Cascades.
  6. I’m fine if we keep this weather till June
  7. Wow heavy snow on the valley floor in Auburn.
  8. Yea looks like heavy snow in Federal Way and Kent. I’m to Far East. Sunny here in the foothills.
  9. I won’t be satisfied till the lowlands see 12+ inches of snow in order to balance out the heat from last June.
  10. All the more reason for him to wake up with a stationary band dropping 2-6 inches.
  11. Seems like no matter what pattern comes Mossman will score. Would not be surprised if that guy beats PDX. It’s a glitch in the matrix I swear. further proof we live in a computer simulation.
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