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  1. Those winters must have been amazing out in our neck of the woods. Must have been pretty special for green lake to look like that.
  2. Green lake in the 1920s. Not sure I’ve seen it like that in my short life.
  3. It’s at 1200 feet on the east slopes of the Cascade. This old logging road behind my house is at 1600 feet on the west slopes of the Cascades. I go up there a lot and there is almost always snow on the ground. I’ve seen snow up there in May. I’m sure it easily surpasses 100-150 inches a winter.
  4. The year 536 AD sounds amazing for snow lovers. I prefer a huge eruption over a quake. Climate historians believe that this major cooling that began in 536AD occurred because of a massive volcanic eruption. This would account for the descriptions of dark skies and the subsequent cooling of the Earth for about 18 months. Temperatures fell by 2.5°C. It even snowed in China during the summer https://www.science.org/content/article/why-536-was-worst-year-be-alive
  5. Maybe a big earthquake will raise the swamp by several hundred feet. Might be good for future snow chances.
  6. These cold shots are impotent. No juice. BTW it is snowing in Arkansas today.
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