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  1. Phoenix total high temp past 7 days = 698 Portland total high temp past 7 days = 693 Lovely summer so far…
  2. Absolute rainfall bust today for Portland. .26” in the bank and maybe another .10” in the next 24 hours if we’re lucky.
  3. Looks like we will end May with barely above average rainfall and <10% above average for the year. You would think we have a huge surplus based on some commenters here.
  4. I am one of them. I hope we don’t hit 80 until after the solstice.
  5. The days start getting shorter in 32 days.
  6. Looks like the fun is over. Well, it was over as of this last weekend. Very dry for the foreseeable future. Today isn’t a bust because it has been clear for the last couple of days that it would underperform.
  7. Holy rain shadow in the valley this morning with the westerly flow. Andrew is probably making out well.
  8. Starting to fill in a bit. Should be a pretty active day overall.
  9. Looking at the radar, it sure seems like today is going to bust to the north. Models had us pegged with steady rain at this time. Good for Washingtonians, bad for Oregonians.
  10. Unfortunately, I mainly missed out. I’m in extreme SW Lake Oswego. Watching the radar was extremely frustrating. 1 or so mile north of here got deluged. We finally got in on the action around 5pm when the band sagged south.
  11. I'm not complaining. I was just countering Tim's statement. I do want more, more, more rain though. I hope we keep it rolling through at least the end of June.
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