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  1. Mark doesn’t miss. His word means more to me than any meteorologist (local or otherwise), the NWS, or anybody else.
  2. Good luck, Washingtonians. I would like my chances if I were you. Hopefully this doesn’t end up like December of last year when the arctic boundary hung up just north of the state border and we ended up with unimpressive temps and a few flakes.
  3. As much as I whine about lack of precipitation, I will absolutely take dry and dusty over that crap.
  4. If this goes anything like the ‘’way-too-far-in-the-future’’ risk of heavy precipitation memo they issued last time, we can put a fork in it now.
  5. And a lot of us. The ICON led the way as usual. PDX has a very real shot of 3 weeks without rain. In November. That would obliterate the previous record.
  6. Essentially completely dry now for the next 10 days on the 6z. The Euro backed WAY down for Oregon at least too. I swear we live in the only place on Earth where models consistently overestimate QPF by orders of magnitude. If a substantial precipitation event was modeled within 5 days for So. Cal, the east coast, the Midwest… wherever, it would happen. Here… it needs to be within 48 hours to make sure it won’t go 500 miles north or completely fizzle out.
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