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  1. I have it. On day 5. Been asymptomatic the whole time. You doing ok?
  2. You're putting a lot of stock in the exact placement of a low 360 hours from now.
  3. Right over my head. Ha. If I had any symptoms, a dry cough would probably be one. Today has been surprisingly wet here. .44’’ in the bucket. Beautiful dark, dreary, dripping wet day. Moss and mushrooms happy as can be. Hopefully another .25’’ or so before we go dry for quite a while.
  4. Yea, they really tightened up after the crash. Guidelines are more reasonable now and predatory products and practices are forbidden. Of course, like the law, underwriting and regulatory guidelines can be interpreted somewhat subjectively.
  5. I’m in the mortgage industry. There is no specific requirement for time on the job unless the income is variable or derived from self-employment. The bottom line is whether the income is stable and likely to continue. You can technically close a loan with just an executed job offer from a new employer with some caveats. I would always want to see at least the first paystub in addition to that.
  6. I know that we're looking pretty good so far with rainfall and that we can add to our totals quickly this time of year. I still don't like that we will possibly end up going 23 days in January with <1/3'' of rain. That's gross.
  7. Definitely not trolling. 200% of normal so far, but will likely end up below average for the month still. By the end of the month, we will probably only be about 10% above average for the water year that started 10/1. I wouldn't call that ''wet''.
  8. Ok, I have gone long enough without complaining about the lack of rainfall. I have been biting my tongue. I can not carry on. I must complain now with this sh*t. Come on now. January is the new August?
  9. I would love for it to trend south and hit us, but that never happens. We’re always a day late and a dollar short here.
  10. So awesome! Stevens, Snoqualmie, and Blewett passes are all closed. I would have been stuck if I was heading home this Thursday instead of last Thursday. The drive last Thursday was no picnic.
  11. @Brian_in_Leavenworth you are about to get absolutely buried. I was there last week and there was already a ton of snow. I know you have had at least one decent dump since then too. Going to be awesome checking out the webcams on Thursday. Enjoy.
  12. The bullseye keeps shifting north. The northern part of the CWA looks to still be in it.
  13. Across the freeway from you, I haven’t recorded a temp below 30 yet this season. Quite unimpressive.
  14. South metro did not do well. Well, at least I sure didn’t. Still 32.3 here. No freezes yet this season.
  15. That snow might look impressive on the map, but it's basically flurries for most areas. I wouldn't worry about the hole right now.
  16. Just a slight difference between the NAM 3km and HRRR. We all know which one will win out.
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