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  1. Currently 65F and full cloud deck. Even a few errant drops of precip at times, but only one's and twos. No actual showers or rain.
  2. 78.3F is the hottest it got here today. I don't think it will get any warmer. There is also a near-constant marine breeze blowing west to southwest. The trees are moving. If anyone wants to cool off, I'll make hotdogs and hamburgers.
  3. I'm loving all the rain in the possible forecast! I hope it happens. Our entire region needs it to rain! A few days of good rain. 3:30pm, currently 77F.
  4. You are right. My station is about 171-200 feet up from the water, but looking directly at it. Everett's entire waterfront and downtown get a nice cool marine air. The city's official reading location is Paine Field, an open airport that sits at a high elevation and bakes in the sun. It is very inaccurate to use for the city's official weather station. If you ever wanna cool off, come check out the waterfront beaches and restaurants! Plenty of cool opportunities.
  5. I keep seeing how SLE (Salem) is an outlier for hotness. I guess that makes Everett the outlier for coolness? Uhhh, sure. It topped out at 77F here today, which is cooler by a few degrees from yesterday. It is still 77F at the moment, but I don't see it getting any hotter. We'll leave the hotness to Salem. Cheers everyone!
  6. It hit 76F here today, currently 74F and dropping. I saw a few 80s sprinkled inland in the north end Puget Sound. A decent amount of clouds at the moment. It's covering the sun and I think I hear people rejoicing.
  7. It's great to hear rain is hitting parts of California. It is needed very badly! Enjoy your rain! Hope it helps the firefighters and quells some of the fires.
  8. Beautiful 49F and raining in Nome, Alaska today. 65F here by the water in Everett. The station about a mile from me says 68F. Everett. I do believe we did hit 70F today though as a high. Not sure what the official reading will be yet.
  9. There are a lot of great lakes in Snohomish County. Lake Stevens is very built up, but if you prefer surroundings of forest, there are plenty of those lakes nearby too. But if you live in North Bend, you already have nature's bounty all around you. I have no scientific temperature gauges here, but decided to take a peak at what Weather Underground has for current temps in the Everett vicinity. At my current spot, it is 60F. I am near sea level. Another station at the port says it is 61F. A weather station in Downtown Everett which is a higher elevation says 64F. At the far southeast end of the city away from the water, the temp is ranging from as low as 58F to 62F. Now we head east to a downtown Snohomish station which says 64F. A north Lake Stevens station reads 63F right at the water, while two nearby say 66F and 67F near Walker Hill. I realize this isn't the optimal time to look at temperature variations in the region, but there we have it.
  10. The temperature difference is massive. Much of Everett's waterfront is sea level, but then if you go to the south, the elevation is higher and temps can sometimes run 5 degrees warmer. Then as you get further from the water, temps get even hotter as you pointed out. It seems like on average (I have no evidence, just go with me here, lol) Everett is 5-10 degrees cooler than Seattle. It is definitely cooler than Tacoma. Hope you had a great time at least seeing the lake. Beautiful day to enjoy it or see it from your car at the very least.
  11. Beautiful Saturday, clear blue skies. Currently breezy and 68F at 4:52pm in Everett. Would love to see some rain though, or even clouds to darken the skies.
  12. Okay, it's been about a week since I've posted one of these. So just for fun, let's see what the current temps are around the region. Coldest/Hottest WASHINGTON Friday Harbor - 67F Port Angeles - 60F Forks - 66F Bellingham - 69F Oak Harbor - 65F Everett - 66F Seattle - 76F Bellevue - 75F Tacoma - 75F Olympia - 76F Ocean Shores - 62F Centralia - 77F Longview - 76F Vancouver - 79F Wenatchee - 84F Ellensburg - 78F Yakima - 85F Kennewick - 82F Richland - 87F Pasco - 85F Walla Walla - 88F Moses Lake - 81F Spokane - 78F OREGON Astoria - 66F Newport - 66F Coos Bay - 63F Brookings - 66F Portland - 81F Salem - 80F Eugene - 83F Medford - 88F The Dalles - 87F Bend - 82F Burns - 89F Ontario - 95F Jordan Valley - 93F Klamath Falls - 81F IDAHO Post Falls - 77F Wallace - 78F Lewiston - 85F Boise - 91F Twin Falls - 87F Pocatello - 81F ALASKA Juneau - 57F Anchorage - 63F Bethel - 55F Fairbanks - 81F Nome - 47F Barrow - 40F CALIFORNIA Crescent City - 58F Eureka - 65F Redding - 100F BRITISH COLUMBIA Victoria - 66F Campbell River - 70F Vancouver - 75F Kelowna - 86F Kamloops - 78F Prince George - 65F Prince Rupert - 62F Have a great day everyone. All temps gathered at roughly 6:50pm.
  13. One of the finest named geographical areas in the state. Great photos!
  14. Hope everyone is having a nice Thursday! One more day till the weekend. It is sunny, clear skies and 66F degrees in Everett, Washington right now. Nice cool breeze too. Feels great.
  15. That is also just an incredibly cool scene. Look at the clouds in the western portions of WA and Oregon and how they are HALTED by the mountains. Very cool looking. It kind of looks like running water. The clouds coming in from the Pacific are neat to watch as well.
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