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  1. So much snow in everyone's photos! Very cool. Sadly everywhere I drove was just wet roads. Nothing exciting, but it was fun to watch the snow on the radar and see the cold temps! I tried to drive to bigger snow bands when I could, lol. It has snowed here all day though, from when I woke up to now. But it's small little flakes blowing around in the wind. Nonetheless, there are Everett city street plows on practically every block, lol. Also got a high wind warning while I was driving which was cool. Look forward to that... I guess? Winds coming from the south.
  2. I am so confused. Someone must keep wiping the snow totals board at Stevens Pass... but that doesn't help us figure how much snow has fallen! Clearly a lot has fallen since yesterday because you can see all the fresh powder in the background, but now the board has no snow when yesterday it was at 7 inches! Stop wiping it clean whomever does that!
  3. Currently no snow falling at the Stevens Pass cam. As of 12:50am Nov 28, there is just under 7 inches.
  4. Puget Sound lowlands, don't expect snow. Simple as that. Never got on board with this excitement. There is also once again somewhat of a rain shadow over Seattle, though not as strong as previous storms. But there is some snow falling on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland! Vancouver's metro is seeing some snow fall. It's possible Whatcom County gets a dusting as well. Otherwise just snow in the mountains.
  5. Don't expect any snow. It's just rain here. 36F here at sea level.
  6. Throughout much of the morning and into the early afternoon, we kept getting very heavy hail storms! It was cool! By early afternoon, everything on the ground, roofs, and more were white.
  7. Once again, a fairly impressive rain-shadow from about Everett to Tacoma thanks to the Olympics. Snow is dumping it's load on the Olympics and Cascade's.
  8. A few days ago my forecast was saying snow snow snow, but now it's rain! Beautiful day today with Mount Baker is full glory. The foothills are noticeably dry with no snow like they usually are from here. Anyways, hope everyone is having a fantastic Thanksgiving! Many blessings to count including this great weather community! Thanks for all the knowledge gained this year and wisdom from some very wise people here! Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with good food, family, friends, and cheer! Tomorrow it's Christmas decorations!!
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