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  1. Pretty big nothing so far with this storm (At least in North Sound area). Just rain (thankfully a lot) and some wind. Feels normal. I like it. Hope everyone is doing super.
  2. So far, this weather system has been a complete dud (for Everett, Washington/north sound area). We've had nothing other than some light showers, and even then, it wasn't much. I don't expect much from this "latest local news hype piece." Hmm... I should come up with a better term than that. It's been weirdly warm here too. It's usually colder in Everett, but yesterday we hit 69-70F degrees and today was also 65F at one point. Bring us some rain!!!!!
  3. Very cool afternoon in north Everett. It was sunny to partly sunny most of the day. Then we got some rain, and now it's super dark outside with thunder being heard and lightning flashes sporadically. Heavy rain in the distance over the water, and at times rain over me. I think it will dump here soon. Some cool lighting and cloud formation I think some will appreciate.
  4. I smell pumpkin spice... does that mean it's going to rain soon?
  5. Hit 67F today. Last few days have been mid-60s as our highs. Strangely, today the sky looked very smoggy towards the east. Not sure why. I looked to see if it was wildfire smoke, but couldn't figure it out. Very gross, brown haze that wasn't there the previous day.
  6. There was a light rain in Everett that lasted about an hour, ended a lil' bit ago. Cloudy all day, cool, cold, damp feeling. I'm so giddy!
  7. Absolutely beautiful day! Crisp, clear, clean. 63F. Yesterday was amazing watching the weather change here in the convergence zone. Rained most of the day with on and off showers, but some impressive cloud formations and colors. It was fantastic including a few claps of thunder and torrential rain. Here are a few bad photos I took of all that.
  8. It looks like it had wanted to rain all day long, bit it hasn't here in the convergence zone. We hit 64F as our high today.
  9. Because it is a projection of the depression as it goes over land. This wasn't an alert for the hurricane hitting the Gulf states. It was for after that.
  10. I happen to be a photographer on the side... Spokane is beautiful, but so is the entire Pacific Northwest. Here are a few selected pics of some of our big cities in Washington. In order of photo: Spokane, Tacoma, Everett, Bellingham, Yakima, Vancouver, Bellevue.
  11. *Shows photo of Bellevue skyline* Lol I'm just messing with you, I know what you mean. ;D
  12. It is weird they included data frmom 1895-2010... why nothing after 2010? Why not go up to as close as they could to the current date? This map would probably still look similar, but yeah. It also doesn't give any indication of temperatures. Not sure how much faith I put in this data map. They also use "percentile" data... so who knows what they were really configuring here. I know it was a record hot summer for much of the west, but this map doesn't show places that did achieve record hot temps, but because it's percentile... they aren't included since they are closer to the average warmth. I'm not good at explaining this. In reality, the data map isn't something I'd put much faith into. Seems more like it was made to push a narrative.
  13. Read in a news report that more people died in the northeast from Hurricane Ida's aftermath than the known 40-ish people who died along the Gulf Coast. That is nuts.
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