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  1. I can't believe they don't have snow. Shocked as a matter of fact.
  2. To be honest, I am too. lol. It's amazing how remote that place is. Outside of the main town there... it is nothing for hundreds an hundreds of miles. And when you do get somewhere, it's even smaller of a population.
  3. No joke, the spot you choose on Google Street view is the ONLY place in the entire city that is like that. It is regarded by locals as "rich place" where mafia leaders live. It's the highest point in the city overlooking the bay and mountain views. Less than two blocks from those photos you snapped are some new developments they have been working on slowly for the past twenty years, then very old blocks in every direction most of which aren't paved. Depending on the source, not a majority of people have running water year round or electricity.
  4. Lol! Let's go on a little tour a few blocks away from the photos you shared and around town. So beautiful, lol! I also posted some other waterfront homes from there as well! Only the wealthiest of the wealthy are lucky to live a more middle class lifestyle in that remote city on that remote piece of land. It's weird, because I was doing a project about that region there just today as a matter of fact. I was researching more on the environment and settlements near volcanos there. hooo boy...
  5. Wow! Awesome!! Thank you so much! I will keep my eyes open for more rarities! I didn't even know lenticular clouds could be so low to the ground and look like waves. I always thought they had to be on a hilltop/mountaintop. So that is very cool! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Oh, interesting. I am curious as if anyone knows what they are called. They might be something that forms at the base of mountain ranges? Hmm.
  7. This sounds like my paradise. Some want to go to Hawaii... I want to go where THIS is. Beautiful stuff @Joshua Lake Oswego! I guess we can only dream.
  8. Here are some photos of the Snohomish River spewing it's contents into Port Gardner. It's pretty intense how it mixed with the waters of the Puget Sound. It eventually changed the color of the whole bay.
  9. Some totally wild weather on the ole' view-cam today. A direct view of the convergence zone forming, wild wind, crazy rain, and the Snohomish River spewing it's guts into Port Gardner. So check out the super choppy water and the coloration differences as the water mixes up. Photos are in order from morning to evening.
  10. Your Buick flies? Wow, they didn't make Buick's like that in my father's day!
  11. Not many power outages thankfully, despite the strong winds and powerful gusts today. Very minimal for the most part, thank goodness. These are from Snohomish County PUD and Puget Sound Energy. The counties with the most outages from the wind are... Stevens County, Yakima County, Kitsap County, and Mason County at the moment. Nothing to report but a tiny amount of outages in Multnomah County in Oregon.
  12. Also check out these totally weird clouds. Looking towards the Cascade Mountains and Everett, you can see them do a wave like shape. They look to be between Everett and the Cascades, so maybe within the Snohomish Valley and up through Marysville and Arlington. Very strange shape and they were mostly connected as one long motion. Do these clouds have a name, anyone know what they are or how they are created? I can only assume something to do with the topography. They seemed to be moving north, while the clouds in the sky above we pushing eastward towards the mountains.
  13. Some fun variation in the weather today and will be posting a very unique cloud formation that looks like waves in the Washington Weather Discussion for those interested. Maybe someone will know their name or what they are called. But for now, check out the changes in the sky color and water today. Very windy all day, moderate sustained winds and pretty strong gusts. Flag hasn't stopped whipping on that flag pole.
  14. It has been blowing hard since late last night and all day today. Strong constant wind, and super strong gusts.
  15. It is exceedingly gray/grey today! If the land wasn't in these photos, they would just blend in with the water. The Olympics are pretty obscured by the clouds, but the Cascades are visible. Images reduced in size so they don't DESTROY the site.
  16. Sweet! A new local weather blog to follow! Thanks! I didn't know of this one.
  17. Hope everyone is having a lovely evening. Currently 48F, cloudy, light sprinkles that last a matter of minutes than disappear here in Everett, WA. I've been enjoying the rain, but I am worried about the rivers and the communities around them. In the past I did help in Mt. Vernon/Burlington to sandbag the areas along the river, but now they have a new wall system which is pretty nifty. In a matter of minutes, the walls lock up and can protect the downtown area from raising water. If you haven't seen it and happen to be in the area, give it a peek. It's pretty cool and saves a lot of time. Sadly not all towns are this lucky.
  18. Thanks for the backup on Skyscrapercity the other day. :) I assume that is you.  Same name.  Small world.

  19. Hey, this is an invite for everyone. I'm teaching swim lessons outside in the rain today. Open invite. This atmospheric river is giving us some great swim lesson opportunities. ;D All you have to do is step outside.
  20. I remember that too. I was there during the same time. I was so upset no classes got cancelled. I didn't do any bar hopping, as I was studiously in my studio keeping warm. ;D lol
  21. Huh. I guess I never remembered those when I lived there. I remember summers and spring got surprisingly hot.
  22. I lived 4 years in Bham. I never had that happen in the winter. I just remember it was always windy and rainy. I always told people it rained all the time there, then whenever they came to visit, it was always sunny and beautiful. So no one ever believed me.
  23. AR? Atmospheric river? I've never had it that hot at night past like September. ;D We'd be lucky to have that as a daytime high once mid-September hits.
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