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  1. was there 2 weeks ago. well Tumwater and Olympia at least, had a biz meeting with the man
  2. that warm pool/blob over the N Pacific seems to be a semi permanent feature now and maybe wasn't as profound the last time we had a triple decker Nina
  3. balls hot incoming. no real relief until after labor day I bet
  4. do not need any dry lightning on the east side. would be bad news bears right now. dry as a bone
  5. yep and I'd imagine that massive cold pool is going to allow some strong blasts south on occasion too
  6. that's home, or near there at least. I don't go back in summer unless a wedding or someone dies lol
  7. I lurked for eons until joining last year. I'm on other non wx boards, this ain't nothing when it comes to drama. consider that a positive. its a nice respite from the usually abrasive world of internet message boards, imo. even with what just happened
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