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  1. yes irrigation on this side usually stays on until just before first frost. last year we turned it off and did the blowout on 10/20. I've turned the water budget down 50% as of last week. Blowout is scheduled this year on 10/27
  2. feels like i've moved back to Santa Cruz. Sept/Oct were often the warmest months of the year there due to offshore flow
  3. 'shrooms are very important for communicating with nature. bummer on the season being a dud. do not like
  4. forecast High for tomorrow in Spokane is 89. the previous record was 87 in, drumroll please V V V V V V V 1967!!
  5. sitting at 80 with about 3.5 hours ish of sunlight (of heating capacity) left. wonder if we make it to 87, or 90 for that matter tomorrow
  6. well if that early season PV interruption happens like in the article Kayla posted we'd might be looking at some fun in November
  7. Drove over to Redmond on Saturday afternoon to catch a concert at Marymoor Park. Hit some smoke in the pass on the way over and the way back. wasn't terrible though and otherwise a nice ride Now they are saying 86 today and 90 tomorrow. Record highs I believe, gross
  8. we still have our AC on in the house. usually it's mostly done by mid Sept. it's only running a couple hours a day (set at 71) but its still running.
  9. seasonal delay seems to be more pronounced now fall starts later winter gets ramped up later for the most part (late Jan/Feb) spring later even summer this year later probably anecdotal but seems like a trend in the overall picture (i'm sure we can all point to events that contradict it) but big picture it seems to be the case. Not sure if long state La Nina is the issue or a climate pivot
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