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  1. hey look you guys, another anecdotal one off example by Ryan Maue that disproves ALL Climate Change
  2. turned to rain at 6am. sloppy mess, already settling and melting. probably got 4.5" ish total went from 27 at 1am to 35 at 6am with SW winds. snoweater. currently 36 with non accumulating snow
  3. calling for an additional 1-4" here before it warms tomorrow afternoon
  4. yup, late January fun and games. been looking at that period for a few weeks
  5. Snow has stopped for now. A decent stack up so far.
  6. intensity really increased the last hour or so, probably approaching 4" Moderate to Heavy Snow, 30
  7. maybe an inch so far, next wave arrives in a couple of hours, supposed to be heavier
  8. Monterey Bay area often times late september early october up in the Santa Cruz Mtns we'd get over 100 with offshore winds. coldest was usually around xmas. rarely below 35 to 40 though
  9. yes last 2 weeks of December is Climatologically the coldest here, right after the solstice
  10. the rain has gained AI intelligence and is waiting for you to install a rain gauge
  11. I will once we actually get some decent coverage. might be tomorrow
  12. too bad it can't all be snow, but should knock the friggin drought out
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