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  1. Weather can't make up its mind this afternoon. Varying wildly between sunbreaks, windy rain showers, or both at the same time. At least we're finally up to the mid-50s. If it weren't so gusty, today would be a good day
  2. Meanwhile, along the King/Pierce county line
  3. 60 degrees, heavy rain, and distant thunder. Fun weather!
  4. Can't lie, it was pretty fun guestimating when the next cell would come by. I have a direct view out west, so I got to watch a cell pass by, then the sky clears for a bit as the next cell appears in the distance. Enjoyable activities this afternoon!
  5. Alright, I'm happy. Got a flash of lightning and some pea-sized hail that just came through. All I wanted was some thunder today, so can the wind stop now? Pretty please?
  6. Anyone else having issues with KATX? Checked RadarScope and it's not updated there since 3:30, and radar.weather.gov seems to be the same. API says it's reporting, though Scratch that. It's reporting again on RadarScope
  7. Saw the same here, started coming in 30 minutes before and then intensified after sunset. Now it's very foggy, more than we've had in the past few days. Some high PM2.5 readings also kicked up the AQI to the 115s before coming back down, though it's back down to poor according to our sensor. Not quite sure what to make of it, though it still smells outside
  8. If it's any consolation, the snow has stopped and is quickly melting off again
  9. Ah, classic surprise snow. We were nearly to bare pavement on the road annnd then, big fat flakes dumping. Currently at 34F, and the sidewalks are solidly covered again
  10. Now up to 37F, from 36F 15 mins ago, and 35F about 5-10 minutes before that.
  11. Winds are picking up here. At 36F right now, up a full degree since about 5 minutes ago
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