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  1. Yeah from what I know even Pinatubo isn't comparable to Krakatoa. Krakatoa produced the loudest sound ever recorded (supposedly), and it was heard by individual places 5 times over. Just sheer power like I can't imagine.
  2. That is, assuming no additional eruptions, sincerely hope that doesn't happen
  3. Now the NY Post? There is no major second eruption, the source they cite says ash has entered the Darwin VAAC region!! It isn't hard to fact check your information before posting. Tonga volcano eruption detected at Tonga volcano for the second time (nypost.com)
  4. Alright, I think the eruption is BS. Shameful of The Guardian and other major news sites to headline that before confirming.
  5. Doubt anyone here knows how to interpret this but Darwin VAAS new report
  6. Very unclear evidence about this "new eruption." I'm really doubting that this is actually a thing, despite major news sources picking it up. Volcanologists cite no volcanic lightning activity and no major satellite activity, any major activity would be under the sea. Hope it's fake.
  7. There's definitely no solid evidence, but it seems like some sources report Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Center monitor reports eruption and Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reports large waves. Obviously the evidence so far does not clearly indicate a large eruption.
  8. This outlet cites the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Center and Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Another 'large eruption' detected at Tonga volcano: Monitor (timesnownews.com)
  9. PLEASE NOTE: there are barely any sources reporting on this yet, but AFP reports another large eruption in Tonga with large waves
  10. NZDF dispatched to Tonga finally. We'll probably get damage and injury/death estimates soon Impact assessment, aid efforts underway as world responds to Tonga tsunami | Reuters
  11. It's pretty hard to tell. From what I gathered from the cam, it def looks like it could be snowing. Honestly, if I didn't know better, I might say it's a little windy too.
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