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  1. As expected the 10 day warm period is now over. As is the norm in our part of the world it generally dose not stay either very warm or very cold for real long periods of time. The upcoming week looks to have several days near and even below average. Now while generally the same can be said for rain fall in our area so far all major reporting locations are well below average rain fall. Not sure how long that will last but that too will come to a end at some point. The overnight low here at my house was 62 and at this time it is partly cloudy and 63. There was no rain fall here over the weekend.
  2. The overnight low here 64 the official low at GRR was 65 no rain fell yesterday. After 12 days the mean for the month at Grand Rapids is now at 73.7 that is a departure of +7.3 if this was to carry to the end of the month it would place this June in 3rd place on the warmest all time list. So far this month the official high has been 90 and the low so far has been 46. Last year the mean for June was 69.6 the high for the month was 93 and the low was 42. At this time it is clear and 77 here at my house.
  3. The mean this year after the first 11 days of June at Grand Rapids is 73.5 that is a departure of +7.2. It is too early to think of where this year will end up. But there have been 28 years were June has had a mean of 70 or better for June. Of the 28 years only 3 years (1931, 1939 and 2016) also had a July and August that were warmer that average. (that is more than +0.5°) So in that regard history tells us that after June (if indeed June ends up with a mean of 70.0 or more) that either July or August will be most likely be below average or near average.
  4. The overnight low here at my house was 66 the official low at the airport was a little cooler at 63. At this time it is cloudy and 69 here with a Dew point of 63. There was no rain here yesterday but in northeastern lower and to the east there was some storms yesterday with some high winds and heavy rain
  5. Here in Grand Rapids in past summers very warm years when June's mean temperature was much above average (1919, 1933, 1921,1934, 2005, 1923,1987 ect) had warm July's while not all but most had cooler temperatures in August.
  6. No rain to report from my house. The overnight low here was 69 and it looks like the official low at the airport should be 68. At this time it is a warm 73 here with a DP of 68. I know there are some people who do not like this humid weather but working outside at night it is not been bad at all in the shade. Of course if one is in the sun that is a different story. But it looks like there will be a "cool" down next week for a while at that will give people a break. There are some hints that after that break there could be some more above average temperatures and more humid weather to end June
  7. Here at my house another 0.09" of rain fell in a brief but heavy downpour. Here everything is now nice and green my grass will need cutting again soon and the tomato plants are growing the best in years. The overnight low here was a warm 67 and at the time it is clear and 68. The DP is down to 64 this morning and in fact it feels nice out side and while my AC is on it is not running at this time
  8. Here at my house there was 0.03" of rain fall overnight. The official high of 87 was reached briefly just after 4PM but most of the day was in the low 80's The overnight low here at my house was 70 while the official overnight low was 69 at the airport. At this time it is 75 here at my house with a DP of 72 so it is humid this morning. But I was just outside and it is rather nice out and there is a nice smell in the air from some roses blooming in the area.
  9. I recorded 0.63" of rain fall here at my location yesterday. The heavier rain fall was not widespread the official amount at the airport was 0.46" at Muskegon 0.08" at Kalamazoo 0.19" Holland and to the east at Lansing just just 0.05" fell. The overnight low here at my house was 67 and at this time it is cloudy with some light fog and 68 with a Dew Point of 67.
  10. It now has stopped raining here. Recorded 0.58" of rain so a rather good amount this go around. At this time it is cloudy and 75 the Dew Point here is now at 69. There is also a flood adversary out for the Grand Rapids metro area.
  11. Getting a heavy shower now, while not a drought buster it will keep the grass green and growing. It is a warm rain as it is now 77 with this rain
  12. The overnight low both here at my house and at the airport was a warm 73. The DP is up this morning so it is a little more humid then the past few days. While it has been warm this past weekend with the lower humidity and the breeze it has not felt all that bad. I worked on the years yesterday and it was not bad at all. If it stays dry I am sure it will soon change but for how dry and sunny it has been the grass (even in areas that do now water the grass) is that the grass is still rather green. I remember past dry times when the grass was brown everywhere. At this time it is cloudy and 76 her
  13. While GR has had a couple of very warm days with highs in the upper 80's with the wind and lower humidity it has not been all that bad and most felt nice out. And while the air has been on it has not been running all that much yet. We took a trip to the beach at Muskegon yesterday and at the beach area the temperature was just 67 between 2 and 5 when we were at the beach area. About 3 miles inland it was in the mid 70's and at 5 miles it was in the low then mid 80's by the time we got to Coopersville it was up to 87. The overnight low here was a warm 68 it looks like the official low at GRR
  14. The overnight low both here and at the airport was a mild 67. While very warm yesterday with the wind it was not all that bad outside at all. I did not have to turn on the air until very late yesterday afternoon. At this time it is clear and 69 here. So far most of the grass in my area is still rather green not sure how long that will last.
  15. I woke up and looked out the window and wow the road and driveway were wet. I went out and looked at the rain gauge and found out that a whopping 0.01" of rain had fallen. The overnight low here at my house was 62 and at this time with some sun and clouds it is now 65 here. The bottom line is that the dry conditions continue. We the dry conditions low humidity and high sun angle I would look for temperatures to out perform over the week end.
  16. For the YTD this year rain fall total at Grand Rapids is 8.55" in 1988 at the start of June it was 9.83.June 1988 there was only 0.25" in the whole month of June. In June of 1988 while there were 10 days of 90 or better the overnight lows were not too bad as 10 nights got down into the 40's and only 6 nights were in the 60 and none were in the 70's. Now on the dry side This spring was dryer than both 1930 and 1988. This spring GR only had 5.34" of rain fall that is less than 1930 with 5.66" and 1988 with 6.30" 1930 is the driest year at Grand Rapids. 1988 had a lot of rain in the fall that yea
  17. The overnight low here at my house was 53. The official overnight low at GRR was 51. At this time it is sunny and 60 here. So far here in my area the grass is still rather green but in driving around town there are now spots were there is a lot of brown showing up. While the forecasted highs from Saturday to next Wednesday are well above average (the average is 77 to 78) the record highs in the time are in the mid to upper 90's even then we could see some top ten highs reached
  18. Here we are now into June and so far this year there has only been 4 reports of thunder here at Grand Rapids. That was 3 in April and 1 in May. A "thunderstorm" is any time one flash of lightning or one clap of thunder is reported at the official reporting station. That is very few reports so far this year. At this time it is sunny and 66 here.
  19. Welcome meteorological summer. Well it is now June and we are now at the start of the summer season. This past May was one of many ups and downs. The mean for the month at Grand Rapids was 57.5 a departure of -1.7. The high of 86 was reached on 4 days and the low for the month was 30 on the 1st There were 7 days with highs of 80 or better and 6 nights with lows in the 60’s but there were 13 nights that got down into the 30’s with frost as late as the morning of the 30th For the month there were 9 days with a mean average of more than 10° below average and 9 days with a mean of more that 10°
  20. I hope everyone has a enjoyable Memorial Day. After 3 nights in a row of lows in the 30's the overnight low here was a milder 46. At this time it is cloudy and 55 here at my house. Officially Grand Rapids will end spring with 5.34" of rain. The 30 year average for spring is 9.38" There was a total of 0.3" of snow fall that was well below the average of 9.6" of spring snow fall. Grand Rapids ended last winter season with 41.6" of snow fall and that is -31.5" below the average of 77.6" That was the lowest snow fall since the winter of 1982/83 and the 2nd least amount since the airport moved to
  21. For the 2nd day in a row there is frost here. There is a little more today then yesterday as there is some frost on the ground as yesterday it was just on roof tops.
  22. I covered the tomato plants one again. This is one of the latest that I have had to do that. The low here was 34 and once again there is some frost in the area. It looks like the official overnight low at Grand Rapids will be 37 for two nights in a row. At This time it is clear and 38 here. I would hope that this is the last time until late September or October that we see frost.
  23. The record low for tomorrow morning is 34 set in 1996 and 1965 (there was frost in June up north in 1965) So tomorrow will be yet another day with a low in the top ten. At this time it is clear and 64 here with a DP of 29 so once the sun goes down and the winds go calm it will once again get cold real fast.
  24. I covered the tomato plants before I went to bed last night and that may have been a good thing as it dropped to 34 here and there is some light frost. It looks like the official low at the airport was 37. Yesterdays official high at Grand Rapids of 51 was the coldest maximum for any May 28th at Grand Rapids and the low of 39 was was the 11th coldest low for May 28th Todays official low of 37 will become a tie for the 5th coldest minimum for any May 29th It now looks like May 2021 will end up below average at Grand Rapids. At this time it is clear and 36 here with some light frost in the area
  25. I work for local the minor league baseball team here in Grand Rapids and last night was a cold and windy night. The rain started in the 7th inning but was light and by the 8th and top of the 9th while the rain was still light it sure was wind blown and cold. Just after the the game that is when the rain came came down harder.
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