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  1. Looking at northern Georgia, somewhere like Ellijay. It's my grandparents decision, not mine. I'm just here to help them move to wherever they pick!
  2. That's a great point, thank you. Only problem now is that I've got an appointment at 8am tomorrow morning.. lol. My family is moving to Georgia in just a couple months, so this was our final winter in the beautiful PNW. After getting completely skunked earlier in the season we had resigned ourselves to no more snow (we are Floridian so we live for the snow). And then this happens. I feel awful for all the animals, though. I also hear local orchards have been impacted, which is horrible.
  3. ALSO I see NWSPortland recently posted a SWS as well as this recent tweet. Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming? Also, sorry for multiple posts. Most of these images were on my phone whereas this post is coming from my desktop.
  4. Ok y’all, once again I’m 98642 near downtown ridgefield for reference. A historical and unprecedented event, and by far our largest snow event of the season (lol) IMG_2374.MOV IMG_2403.MOV
  5. I'd also rather not do this again; I spent hours today cleaning up downed tree branches with a power saw. Cleaned up my 95-year-old neighbors' trees and yard. Additionally I lost power Monday morning briefly which was actually scary since I didn't know how long it would take to restore
  6. Hi, Ridgefield, WA here, checking in for the first time. I remember complaining earlier in the cold season when pic related occurred. I received seven inches from this event!
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