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  1. Weird that the first significant rain event of the season hit NorCal and now the second is going to hit W/NW OR while Washington is still mostly dry
  2. 11.6" of snow is pretty good in my opinion. And a temp of 23 in mid April. Obviously the next winter's 39" was much better though!
  3. Decent snowstorm in January 1968 though. ~5" of snow and sustained east winds of 30mph at one point here from the COOP station.
  4. The December event was nice here but disappointing since it was originally looking like a full on arctic blast and the February event was nice too. However NW OR underachieved on low temps because of the wind I think. 4/11/22 was forecast by the models very well and didn't disappoint! 2" of snow here in one of the most shadowed areas in onshore flow in the Portland Metro area. In April!
  5. Does anyone know why the NAM 3km is showing this ridiculous hurricane strength compared to anything else?
  6. 2008-09 was the only winter to approach 30" of snow here I think this century, this area probably had at least 27-28"!
  7. December 2015 was the wettest month on record at PDX! And we had a subfreezing high with around one inch of snow in early January here. Then February was the warmest on record and so was the rest of spring.
  8. I've seen 1956/57 come up as an analog a few times, what do you think about that as one?
  9. The one on August 9th right before some thunderstorms in the area was definitely my favorite. I only saw some distant lightning but the sunset was amazing.
  10. Was the January 1956 snowstorm somewhat similar to the January 2017 one? Looks like a big snowstorm for Portland followed by cold weather. And it seems like Seattle got a good bit of snow the next month as well to even it out.
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