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  1. Mostly dry here too but we had a couple of quick downpours. Yesterday night's brief downpour was crazy intense. So far we've had 1.17" of rain with this.
  2. There were a few strikes around Clark County with that intense downpour s not ago
  3. Huge downpour right now, extremely heavy rain
  4. 0.57" of rain so far and still raining nicely
  5. That 1924 number is crazy, how cold did they get in other cold waves that decade?
  6. That's a different tim I'm pretty sure, they've been posting comments there for a while
  7. Still seeing flashes of lightning to the NW, and that cell near Hillsboro is getting strong sgsin
  8. Seeing some amazing bolts of lightning right now
  9. Sadly the rain is just a couple miles south of me but still a really nice light show
  10. Still seeing some really nice lightning strikes from that
  11. Very frequent lightning to the south, no thunder yet
  12. That cell to my west is also putting out a good bit of lightning
  13. Saw some lightning pretty close and heard a bit of thunder
  14. Seeing a lot to the west here too, but there are clouds covering them
  15. Seeing some distant lightning to the south
  16. How much rain and lightning have you had from these storms so far?
  17. Severe thunderstorm warning for that storm near @SilverFallsAndrew
  18. Same with 2019. One day that month had 2.17" of rain and 1.88" of that in an hour.
  19. Thanks! I wasn't really paying attention so I didn't know there would be another chance today. Last Friday morning was a great light show
  20. Up to 0.65" of rain, really nice event with it raining all day. High of only 63 so far too
  21. Over a half inch of rain so far from this event
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