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  1. Hasn't been as bad here a bit to the northern part of the metro area compared to Tigard and that area but it's still been annoying. Maybe we can get an event like February 2014 or the 2016/2017 events to give the W/SW metro more snow sometime soon.
  2. Washington county screw zone has been pretty annoying the past few years
  3. Euro is much better than the GFS with the reload next week:
  4. It was snowing pretty decently earlier today here too. Now I'm hoping that Friday/Saturday thing works out
  5. Caught some of the light snow here though. Hoping Seattle gets a foot
  6. Yeah it's coming down at an okay rate, much better than I thought we'd see
  7. Ground is wet here at 250ft but roofs are starting to turn slightly white
  8. 2017/2018 was decent here, around 5.5" of snow that winter. Not as good as PDX. We did better in 2016/2017 than PDX though, 18" or slightly more
  9. Yeah, we got 2" here which was better than I expected being at only 250' and just usually getting less precip than the rest of the Metro area
  10. From the late month or early month events? Here's from the 24th to 26th with the big snowstorm in central OR
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