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  1. 0.77" of rain yesterday, that's a lot better than I expected. Hillsboro only 5 miles away only got 0.37 though
  2. Pouring rain again. Really nice how much rain we've got today
  3. Really nice evening at the Vancouver waterfront
  4. Hopefully we don't get shadowed this much, a half inch would be nice
  5. 0.15" from yesterday's rain, a lot better than I was expecting
  6. Been raining almost all day, really nice surprise
  7. We also managed 90 in late April here which was crazy, hopefully we won't see too many more later this summer
  8. I think you have to add getNewComment to the end of the link https://theweatherforums.com/index.php?/topic/21869-pacific-northwest-weather-june-2023/&do=getNewComment
  9. Was pretty sunny from Vancouver to Bellingham, now cloudy and foggy near the Chukanaut mountains.
  10. A lot of snow in the air here too. Even some sticking on the 10th and 25th here
  11. What's the coldest you've seen in that area before?
  12. Starting to drizzle here, just saw another flash of lightning
  13. Hopefully it lasts on the way here, but it's really strong right now
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