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  1. Yeah I've noticed he hasn't really been posting that much recently
  2. I think he's still there he made a podcast a few days ago. Maybe he's waiting for a few more Euro runs or something
  3. Yeah you're right, I guess they just didn't do as well as the rest of the region but still pretty great then!
  4. December 2008 did unfortunately screw Eugene though. They did get some snow with the Arctic front I think. December 2021 maybe? We only had around 3" here but Eugene set a record for a snowiest December dat and basically everyone did at least decent I think.
  5. I think Portland had a good 2-5" storm in late December 2009. And in January 2016 we actually had a subfreezing high with around an inch of snow. Don't think we had any snowflakes in 2014/15 though
  6. I'd rather we get a major backdoor blast with multiple lows to our south in an overrunning event, like 2014. That was amazing, three systems in the perfect position to dump snow from Longview to Eugene
  7. The GEM and Euro also show a blast for us which is great. With that last trough it was mostly the GFS going crazy but this one looks great for us so far
  8. Haven't had a 5"+ event since 2017, hoping that streak ends soon!
  9. I thought some places had 3-4" with the Arctic front on the 14th? Mostly in the west metro from PNS reports from then it seems like.
  10. Great GFS run. And the Euro was showing a modified arctic airmass over us with 850mb temps -10/11 with a perfect overrunning snowstorm for Portland!
  11. Second trough is in a perfect position to drag that Arctic air south
  12. That first trough has trended colder and colder which is great to see. The EPS also looks farther east with that second trough.
  13. Those two ridges look primed to merge and drop another very cold trough on the NW in the clown range too
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