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  1. October 2019 was phenomenal. Some of my best pictures I’ve ever taken came from that month. Very cold month too think we pulled off a 46/30 day on 10/30. Some decent early season mountain snows and great colors.
  2. Little cooler than yesterday’s pace so far at 65…but should easily get into the 70s later this afternoon now that the fogs burned off.
  3. Low of 52 this morning and foggy…AQI still not great yet.
  4. I think it’s too early to know if its really had an effect at all yet. It probably did change the global circulation somehow but might just be too early to tell how.
  5. 75/52 today…10/6/14 still the warmest October day for now.
  6. 75 here…one more degree and that’s the warmest I’ve recorded.
  7. Some low 80s popping up around the area. 73 here.
  8. We’ve had lots of weak-moderate offshore flow since the east wind event in early September. Just continuing to go on and on. Very bizarre to be in October with everything so bone dry smoky and absolutely no sign of cooler wet weather to change it.
  9. AQI is 74 here it’s worse than it looks on satellite imagery. Looks like this is gonna go on for awhile.
  10. The way it’s looking we might have to wait even longer than we did in 2012 for a flip to wetter weather. The dryness and warmth since early July has been even more anomalous than this spring even was.
  11. 70 here just before noon. Haven’t recorded a high above 75 in October before (2005-present). Might do it today and tomorrow.
  12. Low of 52 this morning pretty smoky as well the worst it’s been in several days.
  13. Longer nights definitely help out despite the warm airmass. Down to 11 hours and 40 minutes of daylight as of today. Overnight lows still haven’t been very impressive here for late September/early October. DPs are in the mid 50s across the area right too.
  14. Still no sign of any meaningful rainfall the next 10 days on the gfs or cmc. In the fall of 2012 the faucet turned on October 12th. I think sometime mid month the pattern will finally shift and we will get our first real storms. Could really use a pattern like we had during the 2nd half of that month. Picked up 7.57” of rain from 10/12-10/31 that year.
  15. IIRC there was some wildfire smoke around in October 2017…but I can’t remember if it was from California or not.
  16. Besides that it’s almost totally dark by 7:45 yeah it’s pretty warm out.
  17. 74/50 today was the warmest October day since 10/6/14 when we pulled off a 75/53. That’s also the warmest day I’ve recorded 2005 to present. Pretty good chance we break that record coming up.
  18. The smoke here is worse than it looks on the satellite imagery. This year might’ve not had the major thick nasty smoke 2020 did…but this has been an on and off issue for over a month now.
  19. Fires in the north cascades and cedar creek looked like they picked up intensity today. Continued offshore flow in the coming days won’t help.
  20. 74/50 today. Despite the smoke in the air it’s a beautiful day out there.
  21. Jeez 84 at PDX. Don’t think they hit 90 but that’s pretty warm. 74 here.
  22. 72 here…smoke seems to have increased a bit. I’ll have to look at the wx records when I get home but I’m pretty sure we haven’t been in the 70s in October in a few years. Some upper 70s are even showing up across the region.
  23. I would’ve killed for that weather on a consistent basis in July and august…the current 10 day forecast here seems so unnatural for the first 1/3rd of October.
  24. There’s a couple other fires in the north cascades too. There’s also the Kalama fire down in the Mount St. Helens area but that’s not really affecting us. We’ve got a decent NE breeze here bringing the smoke in 68 degrees warm too.
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