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  1. Can't believe it pulled a Michael and Charley all in one storm. Very reminiscent of super typhoons in the Western Pacific, but in the Gulf instead.
  2. 58 at UW Tacoma right now on the first day back, right on par with the dreary and rainy autumn vibes to just stay inside and make the best study aesthetic
  3. Por que no los dos? That's tough but above average snowfall for me, though I wouldn't be opposed to a record-breaking cold wave either. Snow for December, record cold waves for January to set up for more snow in February.
  4. 63/52 over here. That autumn chill definitely in the air and I'm having my second cozy mug of coffee.
  5. People were popping off a whole ton of fireworks in Tacoma near the dome when I was headed home from picking up food. Around 9:30 earlier. Looked like it was being fired from the streets and it had some sophistication to it, like a 4th of July show. It was unbelievable.
  6. The last hoorah for the 13th 90° day and we actually pull it off even with smoke? That's impressive. It's crazy to think the old record of 12 days could've been shattered had we actually reached 90 on those days that came close to it.
  7. 85/59 here in Fife, smoke here now blocking out the sun and becoming more orange as we head towards sunset. Can't imagine what it's like in the heaviest smoke at Index and Baring, you guys stay safe!
  8. I try to tune in at least once a day for @NWbyNW's wildfire updates, even if it's at 2 AM. Really great informative work!
  9. M's game left the nastiest and most bitter taste in my mouth. Should've been a 3-2 win but whatever ump. Overall a quiet and cloudy night at 61 right now.
  10. Nice and cloudy that went 72 here. Pretending it's fall with pumpkin spice coffee is the vibes at home right now.
  11. I was so confused for like 10 seconds because I thought that map was forecasting for September this year and seeing all that snow on radar... until I read the top left I love the shirt btw!
  12. I was also today years old when I found out ASL (hopefully) means "above sea level" and not "age sex location".
  13. Would this be an Omega pattern? Also from trying to read these maps, my understanding is that blues and purples lead to colder temperatures because of the lower pressure departure from normal? And same with the oranges and reds leading to hotter temps cause of higher pressure?
  14. 101 for September 1st? Anything that forecasts 100's in September just sounds insane. I'm already mentally prepped for Halloween and Christmas by early Sept.
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