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  1. So Mr. Marine Layer is ok with letting trans people live their lives?
  2. So would you show mercy as you execute trans people? Or would you send them through some kind of conversion camp?
  3. Lol. Go call the FBI as I am infringing on your rights.
  4. That’s an east coast thing that I miss. A humid evening in the mid 80s. A horizon bounded by distant thunderheads whose peaks are illuminated by a silver glow from the moon, punched with purple flashes of lightning that never goes heard. The field in the foreground finds its own light show with the dazzle firefly’s doing their best to steal the show. All enjoyed with a cold mid Atlantic sour.
  5. Out in Everett with only a meter in elevation, we have had snowfall since daybreak. At the start of the day, there was a solid two inches on the grass and roofs, with slush on the road. As the day has progressed, we managed to warm up to 34.5ºF, and have now just started to cool off. Feels weird to see semi slush and ice on the lawn with baby-fist sized clusters of flakes fall from the sky and only manage to last a minute on the ground before succumbing to water and the ever slightly warmer temps.
  6. It's been a while since I checked in. Dealing with work, a baby, and a start up. I swung by to see how the snow buzz was going and I guess you know what by face of surprise looks like right now when I see your sideways smug-o-con appended with the one map with the least amount of snow. Blah blah blah being a realist blah blah blah you also post cold stuff blah blah blah. I hope your spring is cold and miserable.
  7. Yeah. He can put his efforts into his AC business, not making women feel like they're being leered at over a weather forum.
  8. Kind of at the tail end of the season of anything decent to write home about. My much beloved sun angles are high enough to mute any inversion or marginal events by mid Feb and then after that its dippen dot season.
  9. Transgender Lesbian witchcraft that uses Cabala mysticism in accordance to the teachings of Xoctilitia, a mixed race priestess from San Diego, that sucks in the essence found behind the dead eye stare of Tucker Carlson and sends it as a super cooled fluid into the heart of the homeland of the Yakutsk. Or it’s that we blocky regimes due to a weakened sub polar jet, anomalous warm North Pacific, and the eruption a sub tropical volcano a year ago, Two of those three could be blamed on a warming climate that is directly seen in the state of the ocean. Dont worry though, we’ve got an ice age with our grand solar minimum due in 2017 if I remember correctly. all that said, I’d rather have folks agree to disagree than to call folks on the forum deniers and lil’ Greta’s as the only people who are going to be impressed are the ones that are play audience under duress to your internal monologue. You know, the voices.
  10. Ryan told me that, and I quote, “You should go fucking kill yourself you stupid communist faggot.” This after I had joke to him on a tweet about something innocuous. This was a bit jarring as he and I had multiple friendly echo he’s over the tech side of things and Kachelman and I were often discussing compute issues. After that lovely Twitter DM, Ryan blocked about 90 seconds later. Seems to be his calling card per a few others that have gotten the expletive laden treatment. So Ryan can kindly fuck off to the sixth dimension.
  11. Looking forward to how this plays out with my local geography. Winds out of the south are often shadowed by the Seattle Hill plateau. That blast being modeled out of the Strait would give us some transformer firework fun, but if it’s SWesterly, no dice.
  12. Mr Snow “A January day with a -1.28° departure and a hard freeze 384 hours out is the pinnacle of meteorological excitement” Wizard should maybe check himself.
  13. Caught COVID from MiL. Spending this pleasant storm inside while struggling to stay awake.
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