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  1. You changed your avatar.... Did your sense of intellectual sarcasm also go away? I hope not. My random lurks and logins here are typically motivated by my curiosity as to what comical passive sarcastic remarks Deweydog has been posting. It's large part of the camaraderie that appears to hold this forum together.
  2. We still exchange emails with the people who bought our house in Fruitland (good samaritan type of thing for questions they might have about quirks with the place, since it's light years away from civilization) and they recently emailed asking if it's normal for large amounts of snowfall followed by a melt off. I replied telling them that even though this is quite abnormally high temps for this time of year, they haven't even scratched the surface of winter over there yet. I added that January - February into early March is typically when old man winter exhales his breath. I suggested they cou
  3. That is awesome! KOMO has been a staple of Seattle news since I can remember. Parents always tuned in every morning while I waited for the school bus.
  4. It's not easy. Carrying two mortgages while my wife and I both trade our time for our salary is a huge risk. One mistake and it could be ripped out from under us. However her and I both grew up in poverty and we are determined to never ever live like that. In less than 5 years one home will be paid for. Real estate really is the way to go.
  5. From what I understand it's mainly younger people from all over the country come to visit thier elderly family members who are either retired and living in Phoenix or snowbirds who come down during the summer.
  6. Currently in Medford Oregon at the hotel....on my way to Phoenix for Xmas vacation. It's 50 degrees and overcast. Can't wait to get down to Burbank, CA and meet up with friends and have some beers. Phoenix real estate market is booming. Owning a home in Western Washington and Phoenix is the way to go! Air BnB the AZ home during summer and use it for vacations in the winter.
  7. Are you saying there's a chance, albeit minimal, that we may see a windstorm comparable to the Hanukkah Eve storm??
  8. I'd love to live to see a windstorm comparable to the Columbus day storm of 62' https://climate.washington.edu/stormking/October1962.html
  9. If this verifies, could you possibly take videos and tons of photos? This could be truly epic.
  10. But will the swamp muster enough white stuff for you to make a snowperson? That is the million dollar question.
  11. I'll never forget the first winter in our Eastern Washington house. First snow was 4 days before Thanksgiving. I had not raked the leaves yet. Woke up to 6" or so of snow. Was super stoked and excited. Kids and I rode the 4x4 atv all day with the sled in tow. Temp never rose above 25 degrees for weeks on end despite clear blue sunny skies, It was awesome! But then another snowstorm came and another and another. By the time mid March had rolled around, the temp managed to creep into the upper 30s for daytime highs. The snowpack was beginning to melt away. I had forgotten about the leaves I so
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