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  1. Did you happen to take these photos from the Amazon building?
  2. Does anyone have any reports for the Mountlake Terrace area? Particularly Ballinger, Brier and basically anywhere east of I-5 up and down SR-104? I'm assuming the side roads are a no go unless you live down the side road...
  3. Co worker lives in Richmond Beach reporting 6" in his front yard!!! Thats like five feet above sea level!
  4. When I lived in Stevens County, they were Johnny on the spot 99.9% of the time. Pierce county doesn't hold a candle to Stevens county. I get it though, can't compare apples to oranges.
  5. They better be doing a good job with those property tax dollars they're collecting!
  6. I love seeing Xmas lights and similar decor up longer than "usual"...
  7. You're an OG for leaving the Xmas lights up this long. Only true winter fans leave the Xmas lights up till the chance of snow is gone.
  8. I feel like he lives in the absolute worst location for snow. The micro climate at his exact locale must be some sort of strange anomaly.
  9. Another family member house. 6" on the ground. This is in Yelm about a mile away from town. Guessing the upper elevations in and around the Bald Hills areas/Clearwood housing development got even more.... Edit: 6" not 16" typo
  10. This is driveway a couple hours ago. He didn't measure it but eyeballing it he says close to 6"
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