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  1. I'm sorry guys. I tried to eat the entire bag of dicks by myself. I just couldn't finish them all.
  2. WSW for the Southern Valley now for ice. I'm definitely getting that vodka today.
  3. I'm used to it. I just hope that the paulb ice maps he's been posting bust.
  4. True, but that could also be said about the 96 floods to some degree, ie building in flood plains, etc.
  5. Best to go asap. Regardless of what ends up happening, a mad rush to the stores is all but inevitable. For the record, I hope everyone else can score even if I can't. I used to be a bitter poster when I first got here, but I've resigned myself that this shitt will happen. I will bury myself into a bottle when the deep snow pics are shown, but I'll still enjoy them.
  6. Just to be sure, I'm heading to the liquor store later today to stock up on a few gallons of vodka and some frozen pizzas at Safeway. Maybe a few tendies as well.
  7. I'm sure that the 2020 labor day fires will greatly surpass the 1996 floods when the costs are tallied.
  8. Did you lose power in 2016? By some miracle, I didn't despite having overhead powerlines and plenty of downed trees in the neighborhood. We had about an inch of ice. I know that plenty of folks within the city limit were out of power for over a week. I really can't stand ZR at all. I also don't see a scenario that Eugene gets snow out of this unless things trend differently. I'm sure TWL doesn't either and that's why has hasn't been posting much lately.
  9. In Jan 2004 chains were required on I-5 in Oregon from the California border to the Washington border. Regional storms do happen, but they are obviously very rare. I have no idea how Washington fared that month.
  10. I'm cautiously optimistic after seeing the 00z GFS, but I'm more than worried about getting warm nosed. I'm also concerned about getting straight up ZR rather than snow. That would be the worst case scenario. Bring it home EURO.
  11. Enjoy the prophet while we still have him. He's been threatening to take his wisdom, talents, and incredible prophecies to the heavens of Indiana sometime soon. You never know what you have until it is gone.
  12. After the last few years of reading most of the posts in this forum and the analysis that has gone on, I've reached the conclusion that long range forecasts are a myth. They just don't work, period. No one can tell you with any degree of accuracy other than predicting climo what might happen to finish off this "winter", spring, next winter, etc. It is pretty much pointless and is just a guess. Sometimes these guesses work out, just like the Farmer's Almanac. Perhaps that will change someday with improved monitoring, models, and computing, but we are nowhere near that point at the moment. I sup
  13. One of my favorite movies of all time. I'm pretty bummed that the sequel will be PG-13. That is bound to take a lot of the fun out of it.
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