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  1. This sh!t @ss inversion has broken at least for an afternoon. Wall to wall sunshine and 50 degrees. Nice.
  2. Agreed. When I lived in South Eugene at about 920', we would frequently be above the fog layer. Mid 50's and sunshine are infinitely better than mid 30's and fog.
  3. Even an inexpensive outdoor thermometer, which is what I have, is better than nothing.
  4. 41 degrees at EUG, but 36 degrees at my location. It is nice to have personal obs again.
  5. Why exactly is an inversion a good thing? They are horrible imo. Eugene does seem to get the worst of it of the western PNW, so my opinion might not reflect those who rarely experience the horror.
  6. Me too. If I ever get wealthy, my dream spot would be to own a place on Crescent Lake, which isn't far from there. One of the very few locations in Oregon where nice lakefront properties exist and have super excellent summer and winter recreation activities. It does get more snow there than most sane people would ever want though. In the future though, look for MANY more remote locations to be super livable due to the upcoming decent world wide internet thanks to Starlink, but that's a topic outside of the scope of this subforum.
  7. TWL, you should consider moving to La Pine instead of Indiana. They can have a couple of feet of snow on the ground rather easily and even see severe thunderstorms in the summer. Unlike Bend, it is still relatively affordable there.
  8. Excellently, if you want to pay $250+ a month for utilities and rarely venture outdoors.
  9. I agree with that, but only for short term weather. Perhaps visits. 100+ temps with dew points in the 70's gets tiresome after about 15 minutes. In a hundred years I wouldn't want to live there permanently. Same with Indiana. Superblech.
  10. From a west coaster's perspective, it just seems so dang odd to see so much snow pile up without mountains being a factor. Well, pretty much all weather east of the rockies is incredibly foreign for those from the PNW. I've experienced plenty of it on my occasional visits, but it is just a different world in terms of weather.
  11. Very dense fog already. 38 degrees. I'm not a fan of inversions. They are interesting for a couple of hours then get downright depressing.
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