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  1. EPS and GEFS both shifting to a nice looking pattern around the 12-14 day window.
  2. Its going to snow this season, at least IMBY. All of this doom and gloom is overreaction especially given that it is still fall.
  3. No amount would be too much for me. I got a facebook memory yesterday of my pond 2 years ago. It was 7 feet higher at the same time in 2021. I knew it was getting bad, but not that bad.
  4. Lmao. This is about as likely to happen as depicted as me becoming president.
  5. And an even bigger swirl behind it. But it is in the rug pull range... so don't get too excited.
  6. I wasn't here for 2008, but 2019 was the most snow I have ever experienced. It was incredible
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