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  1. Today's snowfall has pushed me over 50" for the season!
  2. Rime City on this leading edge. Been acting like we’re saturating from the bottom up instead of the top down by starting as mixed precip even though column temps are cold.
  3. Pure pixie dust ^^ Might see an inch if it continues all night as CAMs suggest it will.
  4. The storm to close out January really dried up on the models, so that's not entirely true.
  5. Sundogs and light pillars this evening from a friend in waterloo.
  6. Gonna say we have about 4" in IC. Family measured 5" in Hiawatha. Not gonna attempt to be any more precise than that.
  7. Blizzard criteria officially met at CID.
  8. My thoughts exactly. Not only that, it appeared as if there was no sync between the morning package and afternoon package. Ervin and Speck in the mornings consistently gave the storm more respect than the afternoon staff did.
  9. One of DVN’s worst busts recently that’s for sure. Holding the blizzard warning and way under forecasting amounts. They looked clueless. CR/IC on pace to meet the criteria easily.
  10. The stuff that’s falling now is really dry and just adding fuel to the fire. Probably 14-15:1 stuff. Meanwhile our first inch was no more than 8:1. Tale of two storms here.
  11. Backside of the snow is still a few hours away by the looks of it, so may tack on 0.5-1" yet.
  12. Not even going to attempt to measure, but my guess is that we're close to 4" now.
  13. Visibility in IC is probably 1/8th of a mile. Can’t even see 2 blocks away. Phone pic out the window.
  14. Back to moderate snow. Front is just to my west on wundermaps. Expecting the heavy band a county or two behind the front to have blizzard conditions.
  15. Absolutely puking here. Gotta be 2"/hr. There's also been a few isolated reports of TSSN in S IA.
  16. It's currently snow in IC. Not sure how long it has been, but there's not a whole lot of accumulation so far. Temp is 34, which may make accumulation difficult to start.
  17. Some of these models really hammering home the existence of a weenie band somewhere in eastern Iowa tomorrow. Enough of them doing it (with some CAM and HREF support) that it will absolutely be something to look for. The 06z NAMs have it.
  18. HRRR generally underdid the extent of surface WAA. CR/IC up to 34 while south central Iowa is approaching 40. Realistically, this probably doesnt matter a whole lot, but may push back the changeover to snow by an hour.
  19. There is convective potential here with steep mid level lapse rates leading to some conditional instability, so a weenie band, or general high variance in snow amounts over short distances might be more prone to happen.
  20. What in the actual **** is this GFS run lol.
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