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  1. February ended up with a mean temp of 39.2 degrees, which consisted of the highest temp (52) occurring yesterday and the lowest temp (22) occurring on the 12th. Ended the month with 5.53 inches of rain, bringing the 2021 yearly total to 13.18 inches. Ready to start looking forward to warmer temps and hopefully a bit more sunshine while recognizing that this spring will probably end up being pretty wet, unfortunately.
  2. Of course a historic pattern will setup the day I leave for my first tropical vacation in 7 years. Just my luck.
  3. Sunny skies with snow/hail/graupel covered ground and a temp of 30. Not bad for a Wednesday at the end of February.
  4. Down to 33 here now and hail/sleet has turned to a very wet snow.
  5. Coming down pretty good out there. Ground is turning white. They've gotten even bigger since I took this video. (Yes, that is my weather station on a random pole on my deck. That is the temporary spot until I can replace it with the one on my roof.) 20210223_180122.mp4
  6. Pretty nice sized hail here currently on the southern edge of the CZ.
  7. HRRRRRRR shows a little snow with a 2nd CZ that drops south this evening after a strong one this afternoon.
  8. I'm going to Mexico in the middle of March so there will probably be a once in a lifetime March snowstorm around that time. You're welcome.
  9. In the below video Judah Cohen discusses the PV disruption that has sent the cold air down into Texas, among other locations in America. At one point, in trying to tie this to climate change, he states that SSW's are more common now than they were 30 years ago. Is that true? Are SSW's occurring more frequently now than in past decades? I would look up the answer but not really sure where to find the data for that. @Phil or anyone else got any insight into this claim? Not saying he's wrong necessarily... Just more of a curiosity thing.
  10. Looks like another cell is developing near Sammamish. A little conveyor belt of strong cells.
  11. Pretty weird to see 85% of Texas covered in snow.
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