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  1. I read that the other day and honestly that is really something I'm looking forward to. I get so tired of the constant gray and rainy days in the PNW. It can be really draining by the time you get deeper into winter. Thank God Jesse isn't here or I'd surely get a tongue-lashing for that statement. Like you said... From what I've read of the climate out there, it sounds right up my alley. Less rain/more sun, more snow/cold, warm/hot in the summer, and more legit thunderstorms. I mean... What's not to love with the sound of that?
  2. Thanks man! Average home price in Sioux Falls is $269k. Most nicer houses I've seen are between $300-$350k for a 2,000 sq ft house. Less money than we got this 1,200 sq ft house for in Maple Valley.
  3. My son was so bummed after the game last night (reoccurring theme lately) but I told him that when we move we will have a new home team to root for so we'll have twice the chance of a good season. If the Hawks suck, we got the Vikings. If the Vikings suck, we got the Hawks. If they both suck... well, I guess we'll be SOL.
  4. 100%. In places where it's more normal to get significant snowfall, or have snow on the ground for months on end, I would have to imagine it gets to a point of "just being another snowstorm". Where as here even a 2-4 inch storm creates a certain buzz and atmosphere (not only on the forum) that is pretty contagious and fun to experience. If we do end up going with this move, which I'd put at about 90% right now, I will definitely miss the hubub of a good 'ol PNW snowstorm.
  5. Yeah when my wife initially suggested Sioux Falls I thought there would be no way to have enough jobs over there for future job security. But I was pleasantly surprised at how healthy the job market is there when I looked at it and our cousin over there says it's continuing to rapidly grow, strengthening the local economy for the next few years at least.
  6. Well looks like there is a good chance we will be moving to Sioux Falls, SD at some point over the next couple months. We have a realtor coming tomorrow to look at our house and see what we could sell it for. A similar house down the street sold for over half a million after about 4 days of being on the market so assuming ours would go for about the same and just as quick, which is insane for a pretty small house (~1200 sq ft). We are pretty set on the idea of running with our much-larger-than-expected profit on this house and going to an area that has a much cheaper COL. Plus, my wife has family that is either already over there or moving over there soon. We were wanting to move somewhere with more snow/cold but SD seems to be firmly on the extreme end, with their average low in January being 6 degrees. At least I won't have to beg and plead to the weather gods to bless me with 2 inches of snow anymore. So that'll be nice.
  7. I'm actually pretty OK with how the defense has played this game. The offense on the other hand... Ouch...
  8. Defense didn't play half bad until the last couple drives and outside of one play, a lot of chest-beating from a middling offense under a backup QB. Overall could have been a worse first half. Now, do whatever was done at half time last week again tonight and let's get the W in the second half.
  9. Looks like the low center is just about to make landfall on N VI. The nearest buoy (46132) puts the pressure at ~979mb.
  10. Pretty strong gusts here currently. Shakes the house every now and again. Radarscope is showing a possible tornado just inland from the coast.
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