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  1. Had some raindrops a bit ago but not enough to amount to anything in the rain gauge so July is still bone dry. Up to 77 under the cloud deck.
  2. Much more cloud cover than recent mornings. 72 here currently after a low of just 69.
  3. Currently 77 with a DP of 58. Just got back from an evening walk and it feels kind of muggy out there. Topped out at 96 today.
  4. Lots of smoke trapped in the SE BC valleys this morning. Otherwise, looks mostly clear in Western WA with some clouds and smoke hanging around Western/Central OR.
  5. You must be right on the water in Everett? Your location has a great ability to maintain a cool enough marine breeze to keep your temp way down compared to other local areas. It's pretty cool to see your temp updates.
  6. Count roughly a dozen fires between N ID and SE BC on latest satellite picture.
  7. Heat Advisory has been issued for EPSL from 11PM tonight through 11PM Saturday. Lows in the mid/upper 60s and highs in the 90s.
  8. Clear at the start for just about everyone today outside of the immediate coastline in some areas. Smoke doesn't look as bad as it has recently either, except for up in BC.
  9. The clouds around Portland this morning have made their way up here now. Sky has clouded up quite a bit but it should be temporary as the back edge is already up to around Mossyrock.
  10. Some clouds hanging around the Portland area this morning while Western WA is mostly cloud-free. Already up to 72 here.
  11. Couple different perspectives from D. Mo's grand slam last night. Crazy how much of a better atmosphere is created by having fans in the stands. Can't wait for the Hawks season to start!
  12. Just some minor differences in total precip through D14 on the 18z GFS vs. 12z. Too bad it's the 18z.
  13. Looks like the Euro drops temps down into the 70s in Western WA for a couple days early next week before jumping back up into the 80s. Not too terrible up here. Warm to occasionally hot, but nothing extreme.
  14. Some high clouds streaming over portions of the state. Looks like the marine layer didn't make it much further inland than it did yesterday morning. Up to 64 after a low of 53.
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