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  1. Euro jumping around a bit with the placement of the snow band. 00z Euro was also a fair amount weaker.
  2. GEM trend of past four runs. Main changes revolve around the band shifting a bit northward.
  3. 00z GEM showing 31 inches for Sioux Falls over the next 10 days with continued below normal temps. In fact, it's showing multiple intrusions of greater than -20 surface temp anamolies. Hearing lots of chatter around town about people being ready for some actual spring weather. Even hitting a 50-something temperature would be nice. Not asking for the stars here. Unfortunately, I think Mother Nature has other plans. April 6th record of latest 50+ may be within reach. At least we'll have something to show for it.
  4. 30 hours out from the event and looks like the GFS might finally be catching on. 18z GFS made a jump. Not all the way to Euro/GEM but 00z will probably finish that off.
  5. GEM has gone the way of the Euro for tomorrow night/Thursday system, now keeping any accumulations south of Sioux City while the GFS remains consistent on sending it right over Sioux Falls. Either it's going to score a major victory or it will look like the inferior model that it is and make a course correction within the very last minute. My bet is on the latter.
  6. Sounds like NWS FSD is leaning towards the Euro solution over the GFS, although they mention there is still considerable spread among the ensembles so it's still up in the air. Hard to bet against the Euro, especially when it's consistent like this. Gotta think it will win out and FSD won't see more than an inch which, honestly, is A-OK with me.
  7. ECMWF has really been standing on it's own for the Wed/Thurs system, maintaining a more southerly and weaker track while the GFS/CMC remains northern and stronger. Will the Euro score a major victory on it's own, or will the two underdogs overtake the King and pull out the W? Stay tuned!
  8. We've had light snow falling most of the day today along with fairly steady winds which have led to near whiteout conditions on occasion, especially looking out over the farmland. Almost looks like fog with the sun shining through the light/ground snow. Pair all that with a temp of 11 and it does not look or feel like March out there!
  9. Sioux Falls has had an extreme winter this year according to AWSSI points. No matter what happens the remainder of the season, we will end with more AWSSI points than any season over the past decade.
  10. Looks like FSD will record 2.4 inches for the storm. Once again, ending up on the lower end of guidance. Temp is down to 20 with a WC of 4 degrees. Bring on spring warmth and thunderstorms please!
  11. Turned over to a heavy, very wet snow about 20 mins ago and coming down a pretty good clip. Roads, sidewalks, grass are all covered already. Temp down to 30 degrees after a midnight high of 42.
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