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  1. Decided to check in on my western peeps and man oh man, I did not expect pages of arguing about how long it takes to get to the valley floor in NB. I guess it's just a smidge better than the never-ending preference wars but holy moly, I think the dead horse has been kicked way too many times by now. Please move the valley-floor-or-not-valley-floor, two-mins-or-ten-minutes discussion to PM (if it must continue) so we can stop cluttering up this thread. Edit: I'm now hiding any further replies on this specific topic as apparently the above went in one ear and out the other.
  2. Got both Rainier and St Helens in the same shot when I was heading back to Sioux Falls yesterday.
  3. Flew over Lake Chelan on my way into Seattle yesterday. Forgot how far that lake stretches. Goes on forever.
  4. Guess I can now say I have experienced a derecho...
  5. Definitely a solid storm. The leading dust in and of itself was worth the price of admission. Very cool. No power outages here (did get one with the storms yesterday) but sounds like we were among the luckier ones in the area. We are going over to our new house on the west side of town tomorrow to make sure there is no damage. Our realtor said two of her other pending houses reported minor damage so worth a check.
  6. Pretty legit on the lightning/thunder front. Easily the most I've seen for many years. Going to have to wait a little longer to get some good hail though as we really haven't had hardly any hail to speak of at all so far this season. Overall though, more than happy with how this evening progressed.
  7. Nice timelapse from NWS Sioux Falls. Can't wait to move into our new place and put up an IP cam to capture scenes like this.
  8. Pretty sure the radar is picking up on that dust storm on the leading edge. Not sure what else that would be.
  9. Way better than my crappy cell pics. Thanks for sharing those!
  10. Probably one of the more surreal experiences I've had, at least so far. House got completely surrounded by dust with the sky turning a very weird green/orange color followed by the house absolutely rocking by the wind. Now we are getting quite a bit of lightning.
  11. Holy shit.... This is the most surreal thing I have ever experienced. Giant dust storm with the house freaking rocking right now!!! Pictures don't even do it justice.
  12. Here she comes with her hurricane force gusts and dust storm to boot!!
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