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  1. Frost Advisory issued for tomorrow morning. Fall is here!!
  2. Looks like it's just starting to interact with the exit region of the Loop Current which should give it a nice boost in intensity. Question then becomes how much it weakens as it nears the coastline.
  3. The latest updates to Senate race statuses on RCP are all in favor of the GOP. Democrats had a wind at their back after Roe v. Wade decision that the media was quick to hype as a potential turning point for them. I suspect though, as I did back in June, that enthusiasm will wane as we work towards November. Americans have a short political attention span, for better or worse, and it's hard to maintain that outrage for months on-end. Ultimately I think the other factors in play this cycle (inflation, economy, immigration, crime) will propel the GOP to win Congress this year as they affect many more people on a daily basis than the abortion issue.
  4. Geez, this thread has devolved into the typical shitshow over the past few pages. If you want to spew nonsense about either side being the root of evil and causing the destruction of democracy, fine. I wish we would have a bit more nuanced, rational discussion about relevant political topics but apparently we want to mimic the current state of America in this thread. That being said, leave the ad hominem attacks at the door or this thread will be shutdown for the umpteenth time.
  5. Got down to 39 which is our 3rd low in the 30s this month. Our average mins are in the mid/upper 40s so pretty solidly below normal on that side of things. Looking for a high around 70 today which is fairly close to our normal high temp. Only a few more days before our average high drops below 70!
  6. Pretty dang windy here today as we lie right on the boundary of the large ridge over the Western CONUS and the large trough parked over the GL/upper east coast. FSD has reported a gust of 41 mph so far. Not bad. Currently 70 but with a feels-like of 64. Blazing blue sunny skies though! Beautiful.
  7. Latest EPS has cooled things off further for FSD over the next 15 days. Highest projected temp is 74 which is a few degrees cooler than it showed a couple days ago. Unfortunately not too much precip shown over the next two weeks with the mean only reaching 0.2 by 10/6. 06z GFS had a beauty of a trough shown in the LR. Drops right down into the Midwest/GL region with hints of the season's first snow for parts of the Northwoods. Obviously this is in fantasyland but nice to see nonetheless!
  8. How is that 10-14 day temperature forecast test of the GFS turning out?
  9. We had a high of 69 today or 4 degrees below normal and our mean temp was only 57 which is good for a -3 departure. Not too shabby. I just love sunny, chilly days. Perfect early-fall weather that looks to continue for at least a while longer.
  10. We had a similar situation in Seattle. A few local mets always fed into their snow-hating side and banked on the side of less snow in the winter. As such, they got a lot of flack from the weather enthusiast community. Just mention the name "Rich Marriott" in the PNW subforums and see the response you get! Then you had a few other local mets who leaned into their "weather weenie" side and would clearly get excited when snow was in the forecast, often times leaning on the higher end of snow totals for their forecasts. Granted in Seattle you will most likely be right when you forecast less snow as that's usually how it works out but lemme tell ya - when the low-end forecast would occasionally bust and we would get a whallop of snow, I would surely be sticking my tongue out at the TV any time those nay-sayer weathermen were on! Like you said, I'm sure it's hard to put aside your weather preferences when making a forecast. That being said, I wish professional mets made a bit more of a concerted effort to remain neutral in their forecast discussions and predictions. Seems like when local decisions are being made based on your forecast (and are not just a part of an online weather forum, like us) it would be ultra important to ensure you are accurate and not just wish-casting one way or the other.
  11. Man, look at all that high latitude blocking at the end of the 12z Euro. Hope we see something like this again come the winter months!
  12. Also, I'm not sure where to submit this request besides the Big Man himself but could someone please make #24 happen? 6 inches of snow for Halloween? That'd be a first to experience!
  13. Average high temperature for FSD is 73 today, making it's march down to 70 by 9/30. Including today, 5 of those next 8 days are below normal per the latest EPS. The 25-75% bracket for temps barely reaches over 80 for the entirety of the run. Definitely looking like we have turned a page into a new season. I was about a week late with my call of there being two halves to September but overall it will end up looking pretty close to that with the first half being dominated by 80s/90s and the last 1/3 or so being normal or below normal. I'll take it as a W!
  14. Got down to 39 here last night, good for our coldest low since 5/22. Every day for at least the next week NWS FSD has highs in the upper 60s to right around 70. Love it!
  15. Already 54 after a high of 70 today. Refreshingly crisp.
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