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  1. Anything that we get prior to Christmas week is just a bonus in my opinion. Not expecting anything truly meaningful to materialize until near the end of the month. Still thinking end of the month and especially into early January we have a shot at some greatness though. But it is nice to see a possible warning shot coming up prior to then.
  2. 12z EPS looks like it's going places near the end of the run if you play the extrapolation game.
  3. This was an intentional missed call. It has to have been. There is no other way to explain how the ref missed the fact the ball didn't cross the LOS. He's literally standing on the line and the ball goes to his left. Can't really be any clearer. Can referees get fined for blatantly missing a penalty that is clear as day? Cause if they can, that guy right there needs a hefty fine.
  4. Really uninspired play calling tonight across the board. Luckily we have the Russ-DK thing going on to help hide it a bit but overall just not that creative.
  5. Our o-line has not held up well tonight. Run game is atrocious.
  6. Love seeing that. Way too many guys feel the need to run that out and only get 5-10 yards, if they're lucky. Smart play.
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