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  1. Can you use your weather machine to make this scenario happen? We are going camping at Fish Lake next Friday-Sunday so it'd be really nice to have sunny, warm weather. If we can get a nice bout of rain during the week to push us up closer to normal and have a sunny weekend to boot, sign me up.
  2. Hit 76 today, making it the 4th day in a row 70+ and the 6th 70+ day since the start of May. Keep em coming!
  3. Topped out at 75 degrees today with abundant sunshine after the clouds scattered out this morning. Time to put another day in the 'this has been a great spring' bank.
  4. Up to 70 here but it feels downright toasty out there - feels like it's 80+.
  5. Got down to 37 earlier this morning after a 71/36 spread yesterday. Another gorgeous spring day!
  6. Low of 36 here after a 67/42 spread yesterday. Looking forward to some sunshine!
  7. Ended up being a pretty nice day for my son's first flag football game in Bellevue. I was expecting a bit more showers around but it was partly sunny most of the time. All of his soccer practices in April were sunny/dry so we keep anticipating we'll have to make up for it at some practices soon but not yet!
  8. 2.10 inches is the 30-year average for May in Kent, which is the closest station to me on this site: https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/access/us-climate-normals/
  9. Heavy rained pushed through and moved us over a half inch on the day - sitting at 0.57 now. Also enough to put us up to 55% of normal rainfall for May.
  10. Dumped here for about 5 minutes and now getting some hail. Temp sitting at a chilly 49. Edit: Just heard some thunder. Edit 2: Nice rumble rolling across the sky just now.
  11. Up to .27 on the day with some sunbreaks. Heavier showers should be moving in soon. So far .87 for the month, or 41% of the way to normal rainfall for May within the first 7 days. Hoping for some thunderstorms to develop over the next few hours.
  12. It is a good thing. 9 of those 12 days had lows in the 30s with abundant sunshine. Pretty close to the ideal spring weather in my book.
  13. Got up to 72 today for back-to-back highs in the 70s. That means we've had 12 days with highs 70+ since beginning of April. Not too shabby!
  14. Quite gusty out there tonight. It's such a warm wind it actually feels quite nice. Sitting at 70 after a high of 79.
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