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  1. What a comfortable week of late summer weather ahead. No 90s all week! Woohoo!
  2. I'd say many of us, myself included, learned a lot of what we know from this forum. Stay around for a while (especially during the busy winter months) and you're bound to learn enough to start reading models, predicting patterns, developing well-guarded weather preferences, and more. Don't let our occasional spats scare you away. Lots of smart people here who intimately know PNW weather. Welcome!
  3. I should also mention that we gotten woken up by quite possibly the loudest crack of thunder I have ever heard in my life. Most thunder has a kind of a semi-loud initial crack and then a slow rumble. This one had a GIANT crack and then was practically silent. I checked the radar right after and it looks like a bolt hit pretty much right over our house. It left us shook for a bit.
  4. Their 5.22 inches is definitely among the highest in the immediate area. I've only received 1.55 inches. Although, I should probably do a re-calibration of my station's rain gauge after the cross country move to make sure it's accurate. Regardless, many stations are reporting 2-3 inches in the Sioux Falls area which is easily the most we have received in quite a while.
  5. We were socked in clouds all day with occasional rain. Topped out at only 78! Also got 0.22 in the bucket. A refreshing change from the 96 we reached yesterday.
  6. That's something we can consider. I wasn't aware that symbol was co-opted by a racist crowd and I would strongly bet that anyone who has ever used it here never meant it with that connotation. But I could see the future troll angle so might be worth checking out removing it. Ultimately, if any member has any concerns about any other member, slinging accusations around on the forum is not the way to handle it. Either PM the member directly to try and hash it out like adults, or PM a mod/admin so we can address it if needed. We should never be losing long time members or scaring new members away because a few select individuals don't know how to handle their emotions. I know we have a long history amongst some members here but "oh he does this every now and again, he'll stop eventually" is not an excuse. This is a weather forum where people can come and share their passion for meteorology. They should be able to do that without wading through pages of long held personal beef. Keep it about the weather.
  7. Mods are discussing what needs to be done about last night and where to hand down consequences. That being said, if this continues into this morning, it will be a lot easier for us - we won't be so nitpicky and will just start handing out temp bans left and right. In other words, that is absolutely enough. Don't push it.
  8. 12z Euro showed between 1.5-1.75 inches of rain falling over the course of this weekend in the Sioux Falls area. Although we had outdoor plans this weekend and would have liked the sun to be around, we desperately need some rainfall so I'll gladly dodge any rain while we are out and about!
  9. It didn't, thankfully. Just coincided with a nice kick up in wind gusts.
  10. Same radar signature that happened before the dust/haboob-like storm in May. Assuming that's the storm outflow? I can see the leading edge of it just to my NW. Looks like a big shelf cloud. Too bad it's dark, can't get a good picture.
  11. Posted this over in the PNW thread with the old homies, but wanted to share here too with the new homies. Yesterday we welcomed Daisy as the newest member of our family. We will soon get to experience a SD winter for the first time together.
  12. Well throw all those inhibitors out the window - FSD has recorded a new daily high temperature of 104 degrees as of 3PM, beating the previous record of 101 set in 1930 and 1936. This is the warmest temperature in Sioux Falls since 2012. Also hit 104 at my personal weather station, which is good for the 2nd 100+ reading so far this summer. Hopefully it will also be the last of the summer!
  13. Got a new family member yesterday! Her name is Daisy. For inquiring minds, her weather preferences are hot but not too hot and cold but not too cold. She'll need some conditioning for the extremes we get here but she'll get there eventually!
  14. It's gonna be a toasty one here today. Already 91 with a DP of 78 and a HI of 103. Originally thinking we were going to cross the century mark today but the morning AFD from NWS FSD didn't sound as confident with less than ideal mixing to bring those climatologically high 700mb/850mb temps down to the surface. Also seeing some cirrus overspread the area from a shortwave that should effect the region later this afternoon, as well as some smoke that will be coming in aloft from the fires in the Black Hills. Add all that up and you still have a very hot day but not quite to the extreme as it looked like a couple days ago.
  15. We are getting treated to QUITE the lightning show from that cell just south of Yankton. Constant cloud-to-cloud strikes for a while now. Absolutely beautiful over the cornfield just outside our backyard. Love it here!
  16. A final look at July's numbers... Average temp: 75.5 (+1.1) Max temp: 98 on 7/10 Low temp: 48 on 7/29 Precip: 1.87 inches (-1.38) Overall a variable month temperature-wise (if not a bit too hot) with 11 days 90+ and 7 days of highs < 85. Unfortunately still running a deficit in the rain department, just as we were in June, only receiving 57% of normal July rainfall. The vast majority of our rainfall only occurred on 3 days of the entire month while 18 days reported nothing in the gauge. We could really use a large soaking rain for a bit but doesn't look like that's in the cards anytime soon. At any rate, on to August and one month closer to gearing up for fall!
  17. Bottomed out at a fairly impressive 48 degrees. Refreshingly chilly. On our way to the low/mid 80s today. It has truly been a spectacular summer weather week.
  18. Bottomed out at a respectably chilly 52 degrees here last night. Currently 69 under blazing blue sunny skies. Should be a near-perfect summer weather day with highs topping out in the upper 70s with low humidity. I could get used to this! Too bad we are heading back up to the hundred mark next week.
  19. Ended up hitting 70 degrees flat. Darn it! Still a super nice, refreshingly chill day but would have been nice to have that sub-70 for the statbook. Some showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms tomorrow with highs in the low 80s.
  20. Oh man it's gonna be a close call at staying under 70. Currently sitting at 69.3 with some sun breaking through the clouds.
  21. Cloudy, cool day today with 0.07 in the rain gauge from some showers earlier. Currently 66 after reaching up to 68. If we play our cards right we could have a sub-70 high for the first time since 6/5.
  22. Holy moly... What an incredible start to Sunday with sunny skies and a temp of 76 with only 52% humidity!! Should top out in the low 80s today. Picture perfect!
  23. We are all slowly on the mend and seemed to have turned a corner. It's now gone from flu-like symptoms to a bad head/sinus cold. But at least it's an improvement! Thanks for checking Randy, that's nice of you!
  24. As someone who is experiencing their first whole summer outside of the PNW, I can attest to the fact that PNW-ers are very privileged on the summer weather front. I always knew that we had comfortable summers out there but lemme tell ya... After many 90+ degree days with 70+ degree DPs, I didn't realize just how good we had it in the PNW. I definitely miss it already.
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