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  1. No need to go international. Look no further than our very own 18z GFS. Built to please weather weenies both foreign and domestic.
  2. Can always count on the 18z GFS to give us some false hope of a better outcome.
  3. Really looking like the best we'll get is some occasionally low snow levels, mainly at night/morning, with maybe a slushy inch or two in some spots below 1000-1500'. Maybe more if everything aligns perfectly, which in the PNW is not too common. I'll still take that over what we've had so far this winter though. Something is better than nothing. I'm still holding out hope we can score a more substantial event around the beginning of February once the ridge starts to hopefully move east again, which some ensembles have been hinting at. We shall see.
  4. Close to six inches here between Sunday and Monday. Not sure I'm buying what this is trying to sell.
  5. Interesting bit there at the end with the ridge showing signs of moving east. Been too busy to be watching the EPS that closely so not sure if that's a new trend or not? Could end up working out where we have a chillier few days, then the ridge and trough retrograde and we moderate a touch, and then they move back east and we drop into the colder pattern again during the 1st week of February.
  6. Weatherbell has it but it looks like it only goes out to 36 hours. Not sure if weathermodels has it.
  7. Let's see if this gif works better. Euro weeklies show a ridge hanging around the Aleutians and a trough over Yukon/BC/PNW pretty much from start to finish.
  8. Yep. Might be what helps the trough to eventually dig better over the Western CONUS at D8.
  9. This run is close. We have a nice sharp trough but it's a hair too far west and moderates too much. Then we get cold air close by but nothing to drive it south and so it spills over the Rockies. Precipitation chances are there too. It was pretty close to the 18z actually. Just some minor differences to make it not as snowy. Still ends up alright in the snow map department for Western WA, but some of this falls with very questionable temperatures. Anyways, I feel like we have some pieces back on the board but they aren't fitting just right yet. See how that develops over the course o
  10. I could draw many worse maps than this... Unfortunately not much cold air to work with. A bit further east and we might be in business.
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