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  1. I remember our backyard pool freezing-over a few times in the 90's in west seattle. Dec. 1990 it was at least 4" and was able to support weight.
  2. A trickle in Burien. It's been snowing off and on so I think I'm on the edge.
  3. When you get "killer runs for days and days", and then as you get closer to the event and the models are working off of more accurate data and things fall apart is the story of this winter. Always 5-7 days out. Seattleites north have a reason to be nervous.
  4. STOP THE STEAL!! Seattle had snow! You guys saw it. Then these nws democrats came and stole it from us!
  5. I get sugar ants but I knock em out with borax and sugar soaked in a cotton ball.
  6. We made it through 2019 without the hummingbird feeder freezing, but it might be a different story this year.
  7. After last night's disappointing euro run I told my wife that I would quit wasting time on the forum and buy a farmers almanac, but here I go again...
  8. It makes it more fun when you read people excitedly posting, who just last night, let us all know that they were "done", and "taking a break", or "walking away for a while"... sure you are
  9. So the baby shot out over alaska again? That swirling image you posted earlier this afternoon helped me grasp what's going on.
  10. It's funny to me how the firehose was pointed to Portland recently in the models while the maps showed a modest 3" for Seattle, however I didn't hear any crying up here in Wa.
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