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  1. You should change your name and get some manners. Einstein does not fit. Try beavis or butthead.
  2. I haven't found any in my cursory search, but I did find a survey from 2015 which surveyed 1868 international scientists. The survey found that 3 in 10 of the scientists determined less than half of global warming since the 1950s can be attributed to human activities or that the did not know. My original point was only that I don't believe the science has been settled yet. The 97 percent figure alluded to by oyster is a farce. Climate Change: No, It’s Not a 97 Percent Consensus | [site:name] | National Review pbl-2015-climate-science-survey-questions-and-responses_01731.pdf That
  3. You don't have to like what I say about global warming or any other matter. But to call my thoughts as willful ignorance is petty. This is why dialogue on issues that matters does not happen any more. And yes, I don't appreciate the comment. You have now earned my never used ignore feature. Comments from people like you are what should be offputting to newcomers and any other member reading this forum. Now, you can go back to your drama.
  4. Here are some from 2017 which suggest global warming is not happening even now. Here's the thing--and I don't know exactly what to believe because of all the money that's attached to the side promoting global warming--but you can always find the antitheses to any point made by either side. So there it is: 58 peer-reviewed studies from 2017 that says we are not. https://archive.is/2qoLX Presumably, these 58 studies are not lying to the public, nor were they incompetent. So I put it back to you, if you like, to provide even 1 peer reviewed study in the past 20 years that was not funded by s
  5. There's many published who says it's not. It's just Al Gore has a loud voice.
  6. I'll have to get a picture of it a bit later, but our gazebo collapsed under the weight of snow, ice, water. Other than that, nothing happened here. Just gave me an excuse to get a new one.
  7. Currently 1 degrees in Amarillo, Tx. Wind chill, -25. LOL!!!
  8. This is a side-note to my wife who reads this forum when it snows: Thank you for being my Valentine for the past 35 years. I know I can be gruff sometimes now, but my heart is always in the right place as I know yours always is. Here's to 35 more years, baby!!!!!
  9. This may persist for some of us. Off shore flow continues until tomorrow. Hood Canal may do quite well, along with the north counties. And I think I can still pull off 1 to 3 inches more.
  10. Had a couple heavier bands move through. About an inch of new powder.
  11. Wife just walked by and said it smells like snow.
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