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  1. Are you building or buying or just gonna rent? It looks amazing.
  2. It was a great snowstorm but for me it is not going to be that memorable. What I want doesn't really matter but.......I would like to see an arctic outbreak where a front pushes through and drops us into the teens with 2-3" of snow with the initial surge south. Hell, we hardly dipped below 30 degrees with this "cold waive". Pretty pathetic in that respect.
  3. this has been pretty cool and fun to follow this here web page, no complaints as a kid i just remember arctic fronts dropping through, putting down some snow and then getting a few days of chilly weather with stiff north winds and sunshine where you could see forever, then two or three days later we'd get an over running event and kiss it all good bye i hope to see one of those again some day a true arctic front this thing we just had did not impress me much i think the lowest we got was 25 degrees for a few hours
  4. I'm down the road in the swamp valley and it's moderate rain. Sucks. Can we ever get a nice dump of snow and then an arctic front to sweep through with cold clearing skies and beautiful sun for a few days? Snow and then rain and then slop.
  5. We are so close to sea level it seems like it's always warmer here than out on Meridian up on the hill. For this reason I call it the swamp.
  6. Up to about 2" of fine powder here in the swamp.
  7. 2.5" really? I'm at 1/2" here in the valley
  8. those cold dry east winds are super impressive to watch unbelievable how they kill what would ordinarily end up being a massive snow dump hoping it eases up for you a bit and the moisture dumps down so you can get some accumulation
  9. that's so cool, take pictures man could be a few years before it snows like this again
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